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Amazing What Could Happen In 6 Seconds

6 six seconds


At the blink of an eye, or 6 blinks, rather, some potential life changing events can take place.


What could possibly happen in 6 seconds?


– You could create a first impression about yourself with the introduction and body language you give.

– There could be one wrong turn or lane change on the highway, causing a car accident.

– A person is experiencing happiness, depression, sorrow, excitement or other moods, which could change a persons outlook on life.

– You could lose your job. Maybe you got caught on Facebook one too many times. Maybe you’ve been late and your boss isn’t having it any more. 6 seconds to termination.

– You could chomp, chew and swallow a bite of your favorite meal.

– You could give someone a kiss or hug that means the world to them.

You could win $6,000.


wendy's 6,000 in 6 seconds flat


Wait, what?


Yes, you read right! Wendy’s has brought back their delicious Chicken Flatbread sandwiches, available in restaurants nationwide. These sandwiches are full of flavor, using multi-grain flatbread, 100% real grilled chicken breast, and other fresh ingredients, changing the way we normally eat fast food. I tried both the Asiago Ranch and Smoky Honey Mustard Flatbread Grilled Chicken sandwiches, I like that the asiago ranch has bacon on it, but the honey mustard sandwich is the winner!

Wendy's Asiago Ranch Chicke Flatbread Sandwich


To celebrate the return of these tasty meals, the’ye running a #6SecondsFlat sweepstakes where you can WIN $6,000 in 6 seconds! Simply record an Instagram or Vine video themed with Wendy’s flatbread sandwiches, mention @Wendys and add #6secondsflat and #mommyGAGA6 hashtags to record your entry. Share all videos on Instagram, Vine and Twitter! The Wendy’s team will scour through all of the entries looking for the best of the best, one a week will be chosen as a winner!


I recorded a sample video on Instagram, this guy didn’t want to share…




Try it. Eat it. Love it. Then enter the Wendy’s Flatbread #6secondsflat Sweepstakes and try your luck at $6,000! Good luck to you!


Click HERE for more information



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Thanks to Wendy’s for sponsoring this post and for the opportunity to try Wendy’s Chicken Flatbread Sandwich. I didn’t have to share anything about it or like it, but I seriously did!




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