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We’ve Got Some Exciting News…

I wrote this post, full of excitement, on June 18th, but waited to post until the right time…

As you know, my husband and I have been trying to conceive since November of 2009. It was so simple with MJ, a little honeymoon lovin’, then BAM, pregnant! Quick. Simple. Maybe a little too soon. But none the less, it was easy. When we decided to try again, I guess I assumed that it would be just that simple. Wrong.

I wrote a couple of TTC updates HERE, HERE and HERE, but I quickly stopped once I realized that I could be writing these for months to come. It just wasn’t happening for us. I had a cycle in May 2010 and became so busy the rest of the month that baby wasn’t really on the brain. I went out of town a couple of weekends, attended a few events and managed to fit in the gym in the midst of my regular day-to-day operations. By Monday, June 14th, things slowed down a little and I realized that I had not had my period. My cycles are fairly normal, so it should have come around the 9th or 10th of the previous week. Could it be?? “Let’s not get too excited yet, hun”.

I wanted to wait a couple more days to see it my period would come, so I didn’t run out to the store to buy a pregnancy test. Don’t get me wrong, I almost did! I remembered that I ordered a free sample of ovulation prediction and pregnancy tests (still available HERE). I simply couldn’t wait, so I whipped those bad boys (or girls) out. They are extremely thin strips, similar to pH strips found in a science lab, and are dipped in urine for 3 seconds. Lay it flat, then take a look 5 minutes later and there’s your answer. I was skeptical about these since they are not like the real heavy duty tests you buy at the store. Seems more official for some reason…

Well… I am super excited to share some excellent news. If you haven’t guessed already…

After seeing the positive two-lined answer we were looking for on the first test, we still needed more convincing. So I took another, the same result. For the third and final test, I had my husband pee in a cup…
He’s not pregnant.
But I am! After 7 grueling months of waiting and no luck, it finally happened for us! Woot woot! A friend of mine told me to stop worrying about it and it will happen. So true! I am expecting to deliver in February, so we’ll have another Aquarius in the bunch (hubs, MIL and bro in law are all Aquarius’).
So MJ is gonna be a big brother… I’m sure he’ll be great 🙂

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