What They Don’t Tell You About Parenting #268: Poop Everywhere

When it comes to parenting, there are plenty of fun surprises that come along the way. Some can be wonderful, but others, oh. Man.


Pampers baby wipes box with poop


This weekend’s surprise came from a determined toddler who is getting pretty close to potty training. Apparently, she pooped her diaper and was not content with it, so made a decision to clean it up, herself.

There is not much worse than a quiet toddler, so I had to peep in the room where she was playing to make sure everything was all good. NOPE.

I walked into the room to find the baby wipes box on the floor and a few wipes strewn about, dirty ones. Her hand was down the back of her pants, and she pulled it out with a bunch of poopy filled wipes. As I started cleaning it all up, I told her to tell me when she has a poopy diaper and that I would clean it up for her, and that maybe if she doesn’t like the poop in her pants, that she should put it in the potty.


Fun stuff.


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