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When Should Your Kid Get A Phone?

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That depends.



I have always said that they could have a smartphone when they are teenagers. I think that my kids have to show that they can be responsible, using the phone at the appropriate time, place, and for the appropriate reason. But now that I am splitting custody with their father, my opinion might have changed a little.



What if something happens and they need to get a hold of me? Not that their father isn’t responsible, but what if… As the kids get older, they are all over the place. School, camp, baseball practice, tutoring, dad’s house, mom’s house, friend’s houses, phew! 


I recently learned about Kajeet, the perfect phone service that meets the needs of both parents and kids! It offers an affordable, 4G LTE network connection with plans starting at just $4.99 per month. With no contracts or fees, Kajeet allows your kids to stay connected with you, the parent, in full control [GPS tracking, anyone?]. Here’s what I love about Kajeet…



Perks of Kajeet Smartphone Service for Parents and Kids


  • GPS Tracking – This is HUGE. You can always keep track of where your kids go, or find a misplaced phone. You can log in online and track immediately, GPS is available right out of the box. You can add it to your plan, or use it on a case by case basis. What a relief to know that your child is where he/she is supposed to be at all times.
  • Affordable plans, contract-free – Plans start at $4.99, so there is no reason to spend hundreds of dollars on eveyone’s phone plans! Add on whatever you need at any time.
  • Full parental control – Parents have the ability to block and unwanted phone numbers, set time limits for phone usage (parents can always get through), and manage what websites can be accessed on the device.
  • Smartphones that kids actually WANT – No kiddie phones here. You can chooses from a wide variety of smartphones and even use a Sprint device. iPhones and Android phones included.



So, when and why should your kid get a phone? This could vary, the decision will be different for every child in every circumstance. When they are responsible. When they need it. I am happy to be able to have peace of mind with Kajeet, a service where parents can retain control.


When do you think that kids should get their own phones?



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  • My husband and I both agree that our children will get cell phones when they turned 15. I didn’t get my first phone until I was 19. Hopefully, ten years from now when we’re ready to buy my daughter a phone Kajeet will still be around because it sounds like a great service.

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