• Then, I realized that that would not do. Seems like we are having the exact same things every single week and I am getting bored. So, I thought I would try some new things. If they go well, I will be adding recipes to the site later.

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    · Oct 9, 2019 · 148 Comments

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    Homemade Waffle Recipe! Made with simple ingredients – light and crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside – they’re perfect every time!

    One of our favorite meals to make on the weekend together as a family is this Homemade Waffle Recipe – they’re just as delicious as my Homemade Pancake Recipe, French Toast Casserole and Sprite Biscuits that everyone loves!

    waffle recipe on a plate
    Sundays are for sleeping in, drinking coffee at the kitchen table and making a delicious breakfast like this Waffle Recipe from scratch! No need for a waffle mix when you have this recipe in under your belt!

    We love pulling out our Belgian Waffle Maker – the same one we received as a wedding gift years ago – and making a homemade waffle batter that promises to be the most amazing waffles from scratch you’ve ever had!

    This fluffy, crispy waffle recipe is best when covered in butter and real maple syrup and a side of bacon. They’re so good!

  • Wow!!! You guys look beautiful! *tears in eyes* miss you all!! congrats on the new baby as well!=D love and miss you guys! Mmmmmmuuuuuaaaaaaah!!!

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