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Worth A Thousand Words: My Little Girl Is 3

Little mixed girl


And what a year it has been! This has been her first year of preschool, she loves it. She started gymnastics at the YMCA, celebrated holidays in a fun way with the family and traveled a bit. She is also starting to take an interest into cooking and baking, and loves to run, jump and be generally wild with her big brother! Her favorite things are snacks, the stuffed animals in her bed, Playdoh, Minnie Mouse anything, and Disneyland.

She is becoming a beautiful spirited person, happy, loving, and sweet. She’s a little head strong sometimes, but I like it. I am a little sad that her days of toddler-hood are coming to a close, but happy for new beginnings!

I could write so much more, but this photos is worth a thousand words. We’ve laughed, cried, played, and loved. Here’s to many more, we love you, Mari!


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