You May Be The Reason Your Kids Are Rotten…

Open Letter to Careless Parents:

Our society is headed for a downward spiral, and fast. Think about it: things have really changed since we were children growing up. Our kids are being exposed to much more, much earlier. I try to be the best parent possible, I know many of us do, but there are those who just don’t give a rats hiney ( I almost cussed here). Unruly children graduate to becoming unruly adults. Is this you?

True Story:

A family friend’s daughter has 3 children, ages 5, 3, and 3 months. She got started young, she is only 25 herself, so she still has a lot of learning and living to do (in my opinion, this is not conducive to every young mom. Immaturity prevails in this situation). The oldest is a boy and is the most disrespectful child I have ever met in my entire life. He cusses out adults. He has been kicked out of 3 different Kindergarten classes. He smacks and punches anyone and everyone who might be in his way.

The little boy and his 3 year old sister get into a typical preschool argument over a ball. One had it first, the other tried to take it, blah blah. They start to snatch it back and forth and the little boy pushes his sister down to the floor, hard. As the adults around LAUGH, he must have felt egged on. He proceeds to call her a b!*#h and stands over her with authority, watching her cry on the floor. What do the parents do? EFFING LAUGH. It wasn’t my place to say anything since the parents were right there, but I did help the little girl up once it was over.

Rotten Parents = Rotten Kids

I thought at first, ‘Geez, this is a horrid child. He’s rude, obnoxious, violent, how dare he act this way at the age of 5?! He should definitely know better.’ Turns out that this is all he knows. He has learned that the rudeness and ignorance of his parents and other adults around him must be the proper way to behave, right? Can you imagine what he has seen and gone through during his short 5 years of life? I have seen his parents (who are not together) cuss each other out, yell and cuss at the kids when they are in trouble, talk rudely to others in public, and lord knows what else happens in the home. Neither of them finished school, they both don’t have jobs, and they live at their parents homes. No life motivation. No drive.

So I am wondering how this child will behave as an adult. Will this little boy will steal because he wants something and never learned to work for it? I wonder if he will assault or kill because he got mad at someone and never learned to deal with it any other way. I wonder if he’ll verbally abuse his mother, grandmother, girlfriends and other women in his life. I wonder if he will be able to follow the basic rules of society. I wonder if he will have any desire to finish school. I wonder if he will ever succeed.

Don’t you want more for your kids? Their futures? If they grow up seeing you cuss, fight, and fail time after time, won’t that be the norm for them when they become adults? Not to say that you should never fail, because failure is sometimes inevitable, but wouldn’t you lift a finger to try? All of the little stuff they see now will definitely carry over into their adulthood. This matters.

Please. Give a hoot. And if you get offended by this post because I named some of the crap that you do with or in front of your kids, GOOD.

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