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You’re Doing It Wrong: How To Do Laundry Easier, Faster, and More Efficient



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If you’re like most of us, you know, human adults on the planet earth, there’s a 99.9% chance that you do some sort of LAUNDRY.


making laundry easy with method 4x concentrated laundry detergent


If you’re a mom, dad, grandparent, or care giver, there’s a 99.9% chance that you do laundry EVERY DAY. The more children you have, them more you wash, am I right? Well, there’s a chance that you’ve been doing laundry wrong your whole lives. Pre-treating, sorting, washing, bleaching, drying, folding, the whole process Ugh.

I’ll admit, I have made a few inefficient laundry mistakes myself, but I’m through with it! There are ways to get the seemingly never ending task of laundry done, easily, quickly, and efficiently. It’s time to save time and money, here’s what you’re doing wrong…


The way you’re washing is WRONG.

Mistake 1: You don’t sort your clothes. C’mon, everyone has mixed colors and darks with whites and turned a nice white shirt pink, because of this.

Mistake 2: You select the wrong temperature of water, or don’t select it at all, pour in a gallon of¬†laundry detergent¬†without measuring, craming everything you can fit, and run the washer on ‘heavy load’, for every load.

Mistake 3: 1 out of 4 loads are forgotten, so they sit in the washer for the next 3 days and end up smelling moldy. Repeat mistake 2 above.


The way you’re drying is WRONG.

Mistake 4: You don’t clean out the lint trap in your dryer. This doubles your drying time.

Mistake 5: You stuff the dryer full, so it ends up taking you 3 dry cycles to finish.

Mistake 6: You leave the house, get preoccupied, whatever, and leave your warm, dry clothes in the dryer for hours to get cold and stiff. You then re-wash, re-dry, or iron the clothes.


method 4x concentrated laundry detergent, ginger mango scent


Know how I know this stuff? This was me, and i assume that some of these resonate with some of you. STOP MAKING LAUNDRY SO HARD FOR YOURSELF!


Smart laundry solutions: here’s how to wash your clothes BETTER


method 4x concentrated laundry detergent cleans naturally



Sort your freaking clothes. Please. As soon as you take it off, put it in the correct dirty laundry hamper. Do it for yourself, and teach your kids to do it.

Use a sensible amount of detergent. I’d recommend method 4x concentrated laundry detergent, featuring nautral cleaning power that is tough on stains, keeps clothes bright, and smells great. Use a much smaller amount with each load and save a bundle!

Take a half second to look at the water temperature dial and load size. Pick the right temp, I usually use warm water, but check your clothing labels to be sure. method x concentrated laundry detergent allows you to use cold water, saving a little bit of energy.

Instead of doing a heavy wash, only wash what you need on a shorter and smaller cycle. Your clothes will still be clean, and you’ll be saving water, energy and time. You can get to those extra towels later.

Don’t over cram the washer, or nothing in there will be able to wash itself.

Put your clothes in the dryer immediately. No moldy clothes allowed!



Clean out the lint trap. This is the number one thing that has made a difference in my life of laundry. It has cut my dryer time in half for every load, I can get done and get on with the day.

Hang your delicates to dry, lace, satin, silk, bras, etc. They will get tore up. Trust.

Clothes dry faster when there are less of them. Put a sensible amount of clothes in the dryer and you could cut dry times in half! Also, if you add a dry towel to the mix, it will help shorten dry time even further.

As soon as the timer goes off, remove your clothes and fold them. You get them out when they’re warm and wrinkle-free, saving you an extra step of ironing or drying them yet again.


dirty laundry clothes in basket


Get laundry done, the efficient way.


There are a few different scents in bright colors, I love the ginger mango scent of method 4x concentrated laundry detergent.¬†It’s really tropical, it makes my clothes smell¬†like I’m on a vacation! method has partnered up with ASOS to connect color and design¬†in a fun, fashionable way! Visit the method x ASOS hub to learn more, I love these style picks and i’m sure they’re utilizing method laundry detergent to care for their clothes!


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  • lol.. oh my, I can definitely relate to the ways NOT to do laundry as I am guilty of all three! Thanks for the tips and reminders, I really do need to focus more on being efficient with my laundry to save on electricity, soap and other costs and make the most of my time.

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