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How to Create Baby Shower Invitations Inspired By Your Nursery


Expecting? Looking into decorating your baby’s nursery? Here’s a great way to set the theme of your baby shower’s invitations to match your nursery. This guest post is awesome, I love this idea!


Photo of a baby shower invitation to decorate the nursery


Article by Julia Marchand

A nesting mama-to-be may have trouble with a lot of things: bending over, climbing stairs, remembering her grocery list — just to name a few. But there is one thing that she is particularly wonderful at, and that’s envisioning how a new little baby will fit into her life. From a crib to nursery curtains, she will inevitably become obsessed with every little detail. Don’t let all of that planning go to waste! Expand those elements into baby shower invitations and a party theme to save time and effort when it comes to planning the grand event.


planning your baby shower with invitations


Let’s start by talking about the baby shower invitations! These are the very first hint that your guests will receive of the celebration, so it really sets the tone. Here are a few tips for creating invitations inspired by your nursery:


1. Identify a color scheme. Maybe you planned your nursery piece by piece and were able to envision a set of colors well before making your first baby purchase. Or, for those thrifty mamas out there, maybe you’ve been collecting different pieces from friends and second-hand stores so your nursery is a little more eclectic. Either way, identifying a dominant color scheme and choosing matching invitations is an obvious and simple way to unify the two.


Cute neutral baby shower invitation


2. Add a photo of your nursery to the invitation. You worked hard to perfect your baby registry, but your guests may not even look at it because everyone loves picking out adorable baby things on their own. Can you blame them? Having an excuse to swing into a cute baby boutique is always appealing, and shopping from a registry isn’t as much fun. By sharing a photo of your nursery right on the invitation, they’ll be able to see your nursery’s colors and theme so they can indulge those baby-browsing urges and stillpick out things that you’ll love.

3. Elaborate upon your motifs. What patterns or objects are already in your nursery? How can you develop those? I was able to find a font for my invitations that almost perfectly matched one used on a toy box in my son’s room. Even something as simple as that can set a tone!


Decorating baby's nursery


4. Start small. Not finished with the nursery? You’re not alone! So many of the elements of your nursery will depend on the gifts you receive at the shower (especially if it’s your first baby)! If the nursery isn’t finished, simply pull one corner together into something you love and expand on it later.


Baby shower ideas, decorate just like baby's nursery


Now that you have some pre-established ideas, you can take it even further by organizing the party around them to keep a unified theme — no matter how many cooks are in the kitchen. My sister and mom both wanted to collect table settings, create guest favors and make appetizers to help ease the pressure that was on me while planning my shower. I found that showing them my progress in the nursery allowed all of us to share a cohesive vision so that even though we each pulled together different parts of the shower, they all matched!


Baby shower invitation


While setting up for my baby shower, I even grabbed some things straight from the nursery to use as part of the tablescape display. In these pictures, you can spot a few things that made an appearance in both places. Don’t forget that it works the other way around, too — a shower invitation can become nursery décor! It’s a precious memory you will love to admire for years to come, and since it was created from your décor themes, it already fits right in!


Decorating your baby's nursery


Most importantly, make sure you enjoy the planning process. This is such an extraordinary chapter of your life and you will only get to experience it once. Have fun!


Julia Marchand is a DIY and home décor writer with a passion for all things vintage. As an expecting first-time mom, fluffing and primping her baby’s nest has been a joy. She shares that joy by writing for TinyPrints, her primary destination for baby shower materials. You can follow Julia on Twitter @jeezejulia.



  • I love it. Particularly the chosen design for the nursery. It’s earthy, and not too loud. I definitely would look to this for inspiration. Although I feel like the bassinet might be a bit scratchy for the kid?

    • Hi, San Diego Decorator!

      I’m so happy that you like our nursery theme! I put a lot of love into this room. Great point about the bassinet, too – we have been using it for our newborn for two weeks now and it’s working great so far. It is definitely just a temporary bed, though. Since our son is small and not rolling around yet the scratchy sides haven’t bothered him, but we do have a regular crib to transition him to once he starts moving around a little more. This one is just great for us to keep bedside so we can get to him quickly in the night. Thanks for the comment! 🙂


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