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Step Up Your Oral Care Routine: Taking The #LISTERINE 21-Day Challenge!


How clean is the inside of your mouth? I am partnering with Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Products Division of McNEIL-PPC, Inc. and The Motherhood to take the LISTERINE® 21-day challenge towards a cleaner, healthier mouth. They sent a gift card and some LISTERINE® products for me to try, all opinions are mine.


Swishing with LISTERINE mouth wash


Wanna hear something gross?


Living bacteria and germs are in your mouth 24 hours a day, intermingling with your saliva, living in between your teeth and inside the rest of your mouth. All. Day.


What? But I brush my teeth day and night, I’ve got my oral care routine DOWN! Or so I thought I did. Apparently, only brushing your teeth neglects 75% of your mouth. All of the crevices and folds in our cheeks, on and around the tongue, and the gums are warm, bacteria laden cesspools for them to live in. YUCK.

I use mouthwash, but I admit that I am pretty inconsistent with it. I found out about the LISTERINE® 21 Day Oral Care Challenge and I though, i’m in!


LISTERINE Oral Care Products


I’m Taking the LISTERINE 21-Day Oral Care Challenge!


Swishing with LISTERINE twice daily gives the mouth a deep clean that tooth brushes won’t get alone. The purpose of this challenge is to create healthy oral habits that I can stick to, and killing the germs in my mouth is necessary to prevent cavities, decay, bad breath and gum disease. I won’t be alone in this, I can track my progress on the Listerine 21-day challenge page and get a few tips for the experts about oral care, home, fitness, healthy eating, and more along the way.


LISTERINE 21 Day Oral Care Challenge


Here’s how I’m changing my oral care routine, I will be doing this morning and night:


1. Flossing

Right now, I floss, oh, say, twice a week. I know, terrible. I will try to floss every time, right before brushing, which means once in the morning, and once at night.

2. Brushing

I already brush my teeth twice per day, and I think I am going to stick to it.

3. Rinse with LISTERINE

This is the biggest change here. While I used to swish with mouthwash only a couple times per month, I will incorporate a rinse twice per day, after brushing my teeth, morning and night.


LISTERINE Smart Rinse Anti cavity flouride for Kids


I started today, and my mouth does feel a lot fresher before I start my day, and before I go to bed. Listerine has a comprehensive product portfolio for the whole family to stay on top of our oral care. Whether it’s cavity prevention, teeth whitening, or fresh breath on the go, LISTERINE has what we need. My children get their healthy habits directly from me, so I am happy that I can add yet another one to the routine.


Take the LISTERINE 21-Day Oral Care Challenge!


Visit the LISTERINE 21-day challenge online and sign up. Click “Take the challenge” at the top right of your screen, and fill in your information. Also, signing up for the challenge and sticking with your rinsing routine will give a daily opportunity to instantly win exciting prizes, including a Fitbit®, a $100 Container Store® Gift Card or an Amazon Fire TV! For every seven consecutive days you swish, you’ll be entered into one of the sweepstakes drawings for a grand prize.


Here’s to a clean, germ free mouth!


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  • People have their own choice when it comes to taking care of their oral health. It’s a good thing that there are becoming more aware that oral health is part of their overall health and it deserves proper and effective care as well.

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