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Free Printable Hot Chocolate Valentines Cards

These cute hot chocolate Valentines printable cards are a fun treat to put together and pass out to friends and classmates. Print our hot cocoa Valentines for free!

Free Printable Hot Chocolate Valentines Cards - hot cocoa Valentines to print for your sweetheart

Warm their heart with Valentine’s Day hot chocolate

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we know the drill – we all are looking for some fun Valentines for the kids to hand out. Instead of buying store-bought boxes Valentine cards, how about a unique Valentine idea this year?

Valentine cards hot chocolate hug in a mug

This year, we wanted to do something sweet for our sweethearts, so these hot chocolate Valentine cards are just perfect. Give the gift of a warm mug of cocoa with marshmallows to those you love. Nothing says LOVE like a sweet cup of cocoa!

Free printable Valentine cards for hot chocolate packets

A hot cocoa Valentine you’ll love

If you are looking for Valentine card ideas to pass out at school or to friends, we have a fun and sweet treat for you. Our hot cocoa valentines come in 3 different designs, are free to print, and are easy to assemble on hot chocolate packets.

FREE Printable Hot Cocoa Valentine Cards

Free Printable Hot Chocolate Valentines Cards

These Valentines are easy to make, and it is a super sweet way to let someone know that you warm their heart. To get started, grab the following materials for this Valentine card printable craft:

Materials for hot cocoa Valentine cards craft

Make these printable hot cocoa mug cards

These hot cocoa Valentine cards are great because they are a cute and easy option to put together to give a sweet treat to your favorite Valentines.

First, print the hot cocoa Valentine cards PDF onto your white cardstock paper. This PDF has 6 total Valentines, so you will want to print out the amount of pages you need according to the number of Valentine cards you need.


Valentine's Day hot chocolate Valentines cards

Now, carefully cut out each of the individual hot chocolate Valentines and have your child sign each one on the FROM line at the bottom of each Valentine. Set them aside.

Cut out hot chocolate Valentine printable cards

How to make hot chocolate Valentine’s Day printable cards

To assemble these Valentine hot cocoa cards, you will need to punch a hole into the top right corner of each Valentine card. Punch a corresponding hole into the top right corner of each hot chocolate packet.

Note: Be sure NOT to puncture the part of the hot chocolate packet with the cocoa powder – just the sealed top area. We made this mistake at first and some of the powder came out!

Hole punch in Valentines cards

Once you’ve punched all of the holes into the cards and hot cocoa packets, measure out your twine or ribbon to the desired length, attach the hot chocolate printable card onto the top of the hot cocoa packet, and tie a knot to secure it. Then, make a cute little bow.

That’s it, you’re all done! Now repeat the process for as many Valentines as you need to make.

Tie twine or ribbon into a knot on Valentine's Day cards

Enjoy a cup of Valentines hot chocolate!

These hot chocolate Valentines gifts are really easy to make with this free printable. It is nice to give something unique for Valentine’s Day with a message that brings a little bit of warmth and love behind it. Who wouldn’t want to receive a Valentine hug in a mug?

We even found a special, larger gourmet hot chocolate package that is perfect to gift to teachers! These are sold individually in the grocery store near the other hot chocolate boxes.

You warm me up hot cocoa valentines printable

We hope you like making these Valentines for your friends and loved ones and that you can enjoy a cup of Valentine’s Day hot chocolate, too!

Cute printable hot chocolate Valentine's Day cards

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