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Free Printable Minecraft Valentines Day Cards For Kids

Print out these free printable Minecraft Valentines Day cards for kids and give them to friends, family, and classmates. Your kids will love these Minecraft Valentine ideas!

Free Printable Minecraft Valentines Day Cards For Kids - they will love these fun Minecraft Valentine ideas

Free Minecraft Valentine printables

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and you might be looking for a fun way to celebrate it. It doesn’t have to be all about chocolate and candy, you and your kids can send your friends and family a few Minecraft Valentines cards!

Minecraft is all the rage – if you haven’t heard of it, where have you been?! Kids young and old love this game and they will love these fun cards to hand out to their friends. Here is everything you need to know about these cute and free Valentine cards to print.

FREE Printable MINECRAFT Cards for Valentines Day

Free printable Minecraft Valentine’s day cards for kids

These Minecraft Valentines Day cards are perfect for Minecraft fans. They are quick, easy, and fun to make. From the main character Steve to swords, Creepers, and other characters, these Minecraft Valentine cards will light up the kids’ faces when they give and receive them from their friends!

Minecraft printable Valentine cards Steve creeper sword pig characters

My kids have been huge fans of this game for years and they would love to be able to pass these out to classmates at school in their little DIY Valentine card boxes.

Download our Minecraft Valentine Cards

Print out these fun Minecraft Valentine cards for your kids. There are 4 different card designs that they will love that say simple phrases like, “Happy Valentine’s Day,” “Be Mine,” and more. Each card measures 2.25 x 3.35 inches.

Simply print them out, cut them, and sign your name on each one. See the instructions for these free Minecraft printables below…

Printable Minecraft cards PDF for Valentines Day - Honey + Lime

Materials needed for this Valentine’s Day project:

Print out Minecraft Valentines – Creepers, Swords, Steve & more

First, print out the Minecraft Valentine card PDF on your white cardstock paper. The PDF has 8 total Valentines, so you will want to calculate the amount of Valentine cards you need and print out the pages accordingly.

  • 8 Minecraft cards x 2 pages = 16 total cards
  • 8 Minecraft cards x 3 pages = 24 total cards
  • 8 Minecraft cards x 4 pages = 32 total cards

Click the image below to print out our free Minecraft Valentines

Free Minecraft Valentine cards PDF to print

Cut out the Valentine printable cards

Next, grab your scissors and carefully cut out each card around the outside borders. If your children are using scissors, make sure they are using an age-appropriate pair.

Have your child sign their name at the bottom of each card on the “FROM” line and get ready to pass these babies out! Place cards in a small bag, envelope, or maybe even a plastic zipper bag to keep them clean and organized.

Free Minecraft Valentine printables cards for school

Have a blast with these Minecraft Valentines!

Love is in the air and we hope you enjoy these fun and free printable Valentines! Have a fun Valentine’s Day celebration and let us know what you and your kids think about this cool printable card set. Which card design is your favorite?

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Free printable Minecraft Valentine cards - 4 designs

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