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Free Printable Applesauce Pouch Valentines – You’re My Main Squeeze!

These free printable applesauce pouch Valentines are so much fun! Our “You’re my main squeeze” Valentine’s tags make super cute treats to pass out at school.

Free Printable Applesauce Pouch Valentines - You're My Main Squeeze! cute valentines for school classmates

Cute and healthy Valentine ideas

Here it comes – it’s almost Valentine’s Day! No matter how you celebrate, it is nice to have days like this where we are loving, kind, and celebrating all things LOVE.

Our kids enjoy the holiday as well and love to pass out cards and little gifts to friends and family. If you’re kids like to hand out Valentines at school and you are looking for some healthy snacks for Valentine’s Day, these free printable gift tags for Valentine’s Day easily tie onto the tops of your favorite applesauce pouches and make a really cute little gift!

Easy apple sauce pouch Valentine

You’ll love this squeezable applesauce Valentine printable

This GoGo Squeeze Valentine idea is great because it is a favorite snack amongst lots of kids, it’s cute and free to print, and it is a healthy Valentine treat idea! You can use other types of applesauce pouches, too, but my kids are fans of GoGo and they match the gift tag we made.

Gogo Squeez valentines fruit pouches

Free Printable Applesauce Pouch Valentines – You’re My Main Squeeze!

These healthy Valentine treats are perfect for class parties and to hand out to friends at school. Check out the instructions for these free printable applesauce pouch valentines below and easily make them yourself at home.

Materials needed to make these free printable apple sauce Valentine’s

Click to print out our applesauce Valentine's Day printable heart tags - Honey + Lime

Materials needed for free printable apple sauce Valentines

Print and cut out the Valentine applesauce heart gift tags

Let’s get started with this fun project! First, print out the Valentine applesauce gift tags PDF as many times as you need to. I recommend using white cardstock paper, but regular printer paper will work, too.

There are 9 heart-shaped printable tags on each page, so you’ll print out (2) pages for 18 gift tags, (3) pages for 27 gift tags, (4) pages for 36 gift tags, and so on. Cut out all of the tags and set them aside.

Cut out Valentine heart gift tags

Dress up your Gogo Squeez valentines fruit pouches

Punch holes in the top left corner of each Valentine heart and thread each one with ribbon. When you are satisfied with the length of the ribbon, cut it off and tie it firmly onto the top of each of your applesauce pouches, giving it a double knot. You can then curl the ends of the ribbon or tie them into nice-looking bows.

Tie the ribbon and valentine gift tag around the applesauce pouch

Now admire your easy apple sauce pouch valentine!

These squeeze pouch valentine printables are so much fun and they make handing out cute Valentines so easy to do! Share the love and give a “SQUEEZE” with this fun and tasty valentine’s treat idea. We hope you enjoy our valentine tags free printable and that they are a hit in your child’s classroom.

Free squeezable applesauce Valentine printable heart tags

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