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Free Valentine Bingo Cards Game with Pictures

These free Valentine bingo cards are so much fun to play with the family this Valentine’s Day! Perfect for ages 3 and up, use the pictures on the cards for some bingo game fun.

Free Valentine Bingo Cards Game with Pictures

Valentine’s Day bingo game

Who’s ready for some Valentine’s Day fun? No matter how you want to celebrate the day of love, it is always fun with your loved ones. Some Valentine printable games & activities are the perfect way to celebrate together!

FREE Printable Valentine Bingo Game Cards

Free Valentine Bingo Cards

We love creating fun games to celebrate different holidays and seasons, and these printable Valentines bingo game cards are the latest! We have created Halloween bingo cards and printable football bingo cards for game day in the past and they’ve all been a hit! This set comes with 4 different bingo cards, all with Valentine themed-pictures that match the corresponding calling cards. Check out Valentine bingo cards to print, perfect for preschool and elementary-aged kids!

Valentine bingo game - 4 cards to print

Materials needed:

Free online printable valentine bingo cards

Step 1: Cut out the Valentine bingo game cards

First, you will have to print out the two Valentine’s Day bingo PDFs. There are two different ones to print out with 6 pages total, so make sure you have enough paper. Click the links below to print out the free Valentine bingo game.

Next, cut out each of the 4 bingo cards and the 24 bingo calling cards with pictures.

Valentine's Day bingo printable

Step 2: Place calling cards into a container

Now, grab some sort of container – it can be a large bowl, a hat, a bucket, whatever you have. Put all 24 of the calling cards in the container. Pass out bingo cards to each player, you can have 2-4 players at a time.

Valentines bingo free printable game cards

Step 3: Play Valentine’s Day bingo!

Finally, it’s time to play Valentine’s Day bingo! Shake up the cards and have the designated caller randomly draw a card. As each picture is shown, players will mark the space off with the markers you chose. Everyone gets a free space! We used these cute heart-shaped table decorations as markers because they were just $1 (Dollar Tree, y’all) and they are the perfect size. Play until you have a winner – that’s 5 in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally across the middle!

Free Valentine's Day bingo cards

Enjoy our free printable Valentine bingo cards!

We hope you enjoy playing with these free printable Valentine bingo cards, they are fun a game to play to celebrate Vday. Next time, we will make the game even sweeter by using Conversation Hearts as bingo card markers. That way, everyone gets a little treat! Also, try making our Easy Valentine Fudge Recipe, it’s a really good Valentine-themed dessert to snack on!

We have a bunch of bingo game tips and variations to the rules here on our Halloween bingo post. Switch it up for loads of fun! Let us know how you play bingo with your family.

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