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Free Halloween Bingo Cards for Kids – A Fun Printable!

Our free Halloween bingo cards are perfect to play with your kids this season. Get these fun, free printable bingo cards for Halloween below…

Fun Bingo Halloween game for kids

It’s time for some printable Halloween bingo games!

Who’s ready for a fun indoor Halloween this year? No matter how you intend to celebrate, it is always more fun with family, friends, and Halloween activities.

FREE Printable Halloween Bingo Cards Game

Although things are quite different this year, you can still find ways to enjoy Halloween by dressing up, involving the whole family, making fun Halloween projects (this paper plate spider craft is really fun), and playing fun games. We love celebrating different holidays and creating this Halloween game seemed like it would be perfect for staying indoors. Print out our free Halloween bingo cards and play this fun Halloween-themed game all night long!

Free Halloween Bingo Cards for Kids

Here is what you need to get started:



Step 1: Cut out each of the game cards

Print out the Halloween bingo cards PDF and cut out each one. Use cardstock if you have it, otherwise, regular printer paper is fine. The set comes with 4 different bingo game cards and 16 small icon cards – each with 1 Halloween related icon that corresponds to the icons on the bingo game cards.

Here is a link to the Halloween Bingo Cards PDF

Free printable Halloween bingo cards

Step 2: Place small icon cards into a hat or container

Put all of the small icon cards into a hat or container. Choose a caller who will mix up all of the cards inside of the container. The caller will be the one who draws all of the cards one by one, without looking.

Step 3: Start playing!

Hand out a bingo card to each player. If you print this game more than once, make sure that each player gets a different game card. As the caller pulls out a small icon card and shows everyone the image, mark the matching space on your card with a candy piece. The first player to get a complete line in any direction wins!

Halloween bingo cards with candy corn

Tips to change up the rules

A fun way to change up the game is to set different rules in order to win. Before the game starts, you can decide to change the rules and the path to winning the game. You can set the rule that only the following will win:

  • Horizontal rows only
  • Vertical rows only
  • Diagonal rows only
  • Complete an X to get bingo
  • Complete another letter, like a T through the middle, or a U around the outside of the card, covering all outside edges except for one.

Fun printable Halloween bingo game

Enjoy your Halloween games!

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Free printable Halloween bingo game for kids - Honey + Lime

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