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Easy Halloween Paper Plate Spider Craft for Kids

This paper plate spider craft is such a cute, easy Halloween art project for kids! Grab your paper plates, black paint & pipe cleaners for this paper spider craft.

Easy Halloween Paper Plate Spider Craft for Kids

A fun paper plate Halloween craft

It’s Halloweentime, which means we are getting our costumes ready, decorating the house, and crafting to celebrate! With pumpkins, ghosts, and goblins galore, we wanted to make something fun with the kids for the occasion.

Spiders are pretty popular during Halloween so we had to make some cute paper spiders that are so much fun to hang in our window. If you love a good paper plate craft, this is a fun Halloween-themed one for you to try.

Paper plate spider craft hanging in the window

Easy paper plate spider craft tutorial

If you are looking for Halloween spider crafts, you are in luck! Our spider paper plate Halloween craft is cute and fun for younger kids, such as preschool and kindergarten/early elementary school age. This is not meant to be a spooky or scary spider, but more of a friendly craft for kids.

Make this paper plate spider at home or in your classroom with your kids, they will be proud to display their handmade Halloween decorations! Learn how to make a paper plate spider below.

Hanging paper plate spider craft for kids

Supplies needed for this paper plate Halloween craft

  • Paper plates as the spider body
  • Black paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Pipe cleaners for the spider legs (4 per spider)
  • Googly eyes (2 per spider)
  • Hole punch
  • Scissors
  • White school glue
  • Black thread or yarn
  • Newspaper

Materials needed to make Halloween paper spiders craft

Make your paper plate Halloween spiders

First, prep your paper plate spiders by punching holes for the legs on the sides of the plate (8 legs) and one more at the top for the black string hanger. Punch four holes on each side of the plate and try to line them up evenly to each other across the plate. Make sure an adult completes this step.

Punch holes into the paper plate for the spider legs

Paint your plates black

Break out your black paint and paintbrushes and paint! We started in the middle of the underside of the plate and painted the whole spider body black, all the way to the edges and around the holes we punched. Allow your paper spiders to dry for about 15-20 minutes.

Paint the paper plate spider black

While you wait, fold your pipe cleaners in half and cut them to make (8) evenly-sized “spider legs.”

Add pipe cleaners to the paper plate as the spider's legs

Add the pipe cleaner spider legs and googly eyes

When your plate is dry, insert each pipe cleaner into the holes on the sides of the plate. Insert them from the front side, bend and twist the ends together to secure, then bend the ends of the pipe cleaners down at an angle to make the legs.

Now, add two dots of glue to the front of the spider craft and glue on the eyes.

Glue on the Halloween spider googly eyes

We went with orange pipe cleaners for one of our spider’s legs. They turned out really cute!

Halloween pipe cleaner crafts- paper plate spiders

Tie the string to the top to hang the spider

Finally, grab your black thread or yarn and measure out a piece at the desired length. Thread it through the top hole, cut it off of the spool, and tie the ends together to create a loop for hanging. Allow your plate a few minutes for the glue to dry and admire!

Cute paper plate Halloween craft - make these fun paper spiders with pipe cleaners

More Fun Halloween Crafts for Kids

We hope you enjoy this paper spider craft, it’s so simple for toddler and preschool-aged kids and lots of fun! Here are some more Halloween crafts you might like to try:

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Halloween Paper Plate Spider Craft for Kids

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