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DIY Thanksgiving Napkin Rings Craft

These DIY Thanksgiving napkin rings are so easy to make and are such cute additions to your holiday table! Use burlap and candy corn to make adorable fall napkin rings.

DIY Thanksgiving Napkin Rings Craft - make your own fall napkin ring holders

Beautiful napkin rings for fall tables

Halloween is coming, which means soon, it will be Thanksgiving, then Christmas before we know it! Are you ready?

I can’t say that we are, but the holidays are my personal favorite time of the year and we are thrilled to celebrate. We made these fun DIY napkin rings craft with candy corn for our Thanksgiving table and love the way that they turned out!

Easy fall table place setting - napkin holders craft made with candy corn

If you are in search of the perfect napkins for your own Thanksgiving table setting, you don’t have to go out and buy a whole new set. Use your existing napkins and add our DIY napkin rings

Starburst Candy Corn - Making a napkin ring craft

Make napkin rings for Thanksgiving

We did a little fall and Thanksgiving decorating at home, so, of course, I had to try out a fun, new table decorating idea. We love Starburst Candy Corn so we decided to make our napkin ring craft with them. Trust me when I say that it was pretty difficult not to eat too many of these!

I decided that I would spruce up our Fall table decorations and add some place settings with some homemade colorful napkin rings. They turned out very cute and were so easy to make.

DIY Thanksgiving Napkin Rings Craft

Whether you are entertaining or just having a small family dinner at home, wow your guests with these adorable napkin rings for your Thanksgiving table decor! Here’s how to make this fun craft:

Materials needed to make these fall napkin rings:

  • candy corn
  • burlap
  • glue gun
  • scissors
  • decorative napkins

How to make napkin rings for Thanksgiving

First, cut a 4-inch piece of burlap and lay it flat. Fold it in half vertically, long ways, and roll it into a circle, adhering each end to each other with the glue gun to form a ring shape.

How to make Starburst candy corn napkin rings holders

Next, glue the candy corn pieces in your desired fashion onto the top of the burlap ring. We broke off the tips of the candy corn for the middle piece of the candy napkin ring design.

Once the candy dries, slide in a rolled-up decorative napkin and position the napkin ring with the candy corn side facing up. That’s it, you’re all done! Place the napkins on each table place setting and admire – we just love how they turned out!

DIY Candy Corn Napkin Rings for Thanksgiving

Here’s a closer look at the candy corn napkin rings for fall tablescapes. The kids enjoyed making these and were happy when they received compliments from our family members at dinner! Quick note: please do not eat the candy after you have added it to these napkin rings. The glue can be toxic.

Starburst candy corn DIY napkin rings for Thanksgiving close up

Have a fun Thanksgiving dinner

If you are doing any entertaining this Halloween, or even chaperoning a classroom party, you’ll love to create something beautiful and tasty with Starburst Candy Corn. We hope you like this Thanksgiving napkin ring idea and try making some of your own at home.

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