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DIY Fall Leaves Wreath Craft for Kids

This cute fall leaves wreath craft for kids uses paper plates and autumn colors to create fun leaf art! Try our fall leaf project with your family.

DIY Fall Leaves Wreath Craft for Kids - we love this fun fall leaf project made with paper plates

A fun fall leaf craft

Who’s looking to get crafty this fall? We sure are, and we love trying new fall craft ideas for kids. The autumn colors, the leaves, and the scents and smells put us in the mood for the season. We love a nice fall wreath idea to decorate the front door and we thought we could make a fun DIY kids version!

Cute fall wreath craft

This fall leaves wreath craft uses paper plates and faux leaves, all purchased from the dollar store. If you have toddlers, preschoolers, and young elementary-aged kids, try out this fun fall wreath craft with them. Arranging the leaves and hanging something homemade is always fun and it really turned out beautiful! Check out our other paper plate crafts here.

DIY Fall Leaves Wreath Craft for Kids

Materials needed:

  • Plain paper plates
  • Faux fall leaves
  • School glue
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch

Materials for fall leaf wreath craft

Step 1: Prepare the paper plate wreath

*Adults, please do the cutting for your littles!*

Fold your paper plates in half and cut a half-circle out of the straight end to remove the center of the plate. I followed the inner line to keep all of the sides even.

Fold paper plate in half, cut out the middle to make a wreath

Open up the plate and cut a hole at the top with the hole punch about a half-inch from the top. I cut 2 overlapping holes to better fit my ribbon. This is the top of the DIY fall wreath.

Hole punch the top of the paper plate wreath

Step 2: Add the fall leaves to your wreath

Add glue to the spaces on your wreath where you want to put the leaves and fill that baby up! We alternated colors and did some overlapping so that there would not be too much white space showing.

Glue assorted fall leaves onto paper plate wreath

Make sure that you do not cover up the holes you punched at the top of the wreath, we will be using that space next.

Step 3: Thread ribbon through the top holes

Cut a strip of ribbon and thread it through the hole at the top of the paper plate wreath. Tie the two ends into a knot, leaving a loop that can be used for hanging. We chose orange ribbon to match our fall leaf colors and our ribbon was about 12 inches long – when folded and tied, the fall wreath craft hangs at about 6 inches.

Thread ribbon through hole at the top of the wreath

Now, let your wreath dry, hang it, and admire!

Enjoy this fun fall leaf kids craft!

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