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Easy Halloween Ghost Lollipops – Cute Halloween Treats for School!

Our easy Halloween ghost lollipops are the most adorable craft idea! This simple activity makes such cute Halloween treats for school, try making them this year for Halloween!

Tootsie pop ghosts craft for Halloween

We love these easy Halloween ghost lollipops!

Halloween time is near and we are getting ready for all of the festivities! We are looking for the best Halloween costumes and getting ready for the day to arrive. My kids get to pass out Halloween candies and treats at school, and these Halloween ghost lollipops are the cutest idea these Halloween Oreo pops are really cute, too)!

Halloween lollipop ghosts - a cute Halloween treats for kids

I don’t know about you all, but I don’t have the time to make elaborate crafts, but I still like to get my family into the crafting spirit. These little ghosts are super easy to make, all you need are a few things that you probably have at home.

The lollipops you need would be a Tootsie Pop ghost, or any other round lollipop will also work. You can make a bunch of them to pass out at school, for Halloween parties, or to trick or treaters (make this DIY Halloween candy wreath if you won’t be home) on Halloween night. For fast and easy halloween treats, check out this lolly pop ghost tutorial and make these at home!

Easy Halloween lollipop ghosts

Materials needed:

  • Tootsie pops, Blow pops, or other round lollipops
  • white tissue paper
  • black and orange gift ribbon
  • black Sharpie

Here’s how to make lollipop ghosts

How to make lollipop ghosts - white tissue paper ghosts

1. To start making these Halloween lollipop ghosts, layer two sheets of white tissue paper and align one on top of the other. Next, cut an approximate 6 x 6-inch square out of the corner of the tissue paper place one of your Tootsie Pops in the center.

2. Fold the tissue paper squares in half over the Tootsie Pop and twist one time at the base of the candy piece to form the Halloween ghost lollipops. Hold this in place the best you can.

Making Halloween ghost lollipops

3. Then, cut an 8-inch piece of both black and orange ribbon and tie a knot to hold the tissue paper down at the base of the candy. Curl the ends of the ribbon, if you wish, but make sure to leave a little slack so the ribbon hangs properly.

4. Take your Sharpie and carefully draw black eyes and an oval-shaped ghost’s mouth to complete your easy Halloween lollipop ghosts!

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Have fun making your Halloween ghost lollipops!

As Halloween approaches, I hope you are going to try to make this fun project! I really like how these tissue paper ghosts turned out, they are the perfect Halloween snacks for school. My kids love these and they were trying to keep them all! No bud. Enjoy!

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