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DIY Rainbow Suncatcher Craft for Kids

Learn how to make this cute DIY rainbow suncatcher craft, such a fun and colorful activity! We are so excited for spring to come out of hiding that we decided to get crafty with some spring art projects!

DIY Rainbow Suncatcher Craft for Kids

A fun over the rainbow craft

Spring is such a lovely season. It marks a new beginning, the sunshine and rain bring beautiful plants, blooming flowers, and a fresh, new feeling. Spring art projects are a lot of fun, so we wanted to make something cute that the kids would love. We have made this Paper Shamrock Suncatcher Craft and more recently, an easy sunshine suncatcher craft, so we knew that the ‘over the rainbow’ suncatcher would look beautiful and bright. With the sun shining through, this rainbow craft is perfect for hanging in the window!

How to make a rainbow suncatcher craft for kids, finished rainbow

How to make a rainbow suncatcher

Using tissue paper, school glue, and other simple materials, this is a really fun rainbow activity for preschoolers. You could always buy a rainbow suncatcher, but that’s no fun because they are not as easy to make as this paper rainbow craft is! Learn how to make this DIY rainbow suncatcher craft, a fun spring art project for kids!

DIY Rainbow Suncatcher Craft

Materials needed:

Over the rainbow suncatcher craft, materials needed

Step 1: Start the outline of your tissue paper stained glass rainbow

Tear out the desired size of wax paper for your rainbow suncatcher, ours was about a 12×12-inch square. To make the rainbow shape, draw 6 curved lines with your glue. The largest should be on the top, gradually getting smaller as you go down.

Also, make sure your rainbow glue lines are slightly off to the left of the wax paper, you need to leave some space off to the right for your rain cloud, we’ll put that on later.

How to make a rainbow suncatcher craft, little girl glues tissue squares

Step 2: Glue down the tissue paper squares

Now, glue your tissue paper squares onto each line in rainbow color order. We started with red at the top, then orange, yellow, green, blue, and finally, purple. Glue on tissue squares side by side, making sure that you don’t leave and clear space. Fill it with color!

My daughter asked me for help, so I placed each colored square at the end of the rainbow so she could follow the color across each line. Here’s what it looks like when you’ve finished gluing on all of the tissue squares…

How to make a rainbow tissue paper suncatcher craft

Step 3: Add the cotton ball cloud to the end of the rainbow

Next, we’ll add the rain cloud. Dot some more glue on the bottom right-hand side of the rainbow in some sort of cloud form and glue on cotton balls. I pulled apart our cotton balls so they’d be thin and stick a lot better.

Over the rainbow suncatcher craft, glue on cotton balls rain cloud

Step 4: Cut off the extra wax paper around the rainbow

Give it a few minutes to dry and cut around the rainbow to get rid of the excess wax paper. Roll your clear tape backward and stick it onto the back of the rainbow, then place it in the window. Now, wait for the sunshine and admire your work! Isn’t this rainbow tissue paper suncatcher craft lovely?!

DIY rainbow suncatcher craft - a fun spring art project for kids

Enjoy this rainbow suncatcher DIY!

Make your own Over the Rainbow suncatcher craft at home, the colors are bright and beautiful, and that’s what spring brings us. These are fun for kids to make and look so nice in the window, maybe it will encourage the sun to come out a little bit more! If you love rainbows, we also have a cute rainbow printable on our St Patrick’s Day coloring pages post that your kids will love to color.

Don’t you just want to sing, ♪ Some-whhhheeeeerrrrrreeeee over the rainbowwwww… ♫ ?!

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Over the Rainbow suncatcher craft - what a fun spring art project for kids, mine would love making this!

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  • I love this idea. We will have to make one soon. I’ve been looking for easy craft ideas for my son to do while on spring break.

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