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DIY Paper Shamrock Suncatcher Craft

St. Patrick’s Day is coming, so we made this fun paper shamrock suncatcher craft! These suncatchers look super cute in your window, this is a fun St Patrick’s Day craft for kids!

Paper Shamrock Suncatcher Craft - a stained glass tissue paper shamrock

Cute St. Patrick’s Day crafts

Are you looking for fun, easy St Patrick’s Day crafts to do with your kids? This preschool-friendly paper shamrock suncatcher craft looks great on our window, let the sunshine through this beautiful art display!

A fun green shamrock craft

I got the idea to make this shamrock craft from seeing some gorgeous St Patrick’s day glass shamrocks online, but ours is a glass-free simple craft with a short shopping list. Make this easy shamrock craft for kids with a few easy steps, you should already have most of this stuff at home!

St Patricks Day Craft for Kids, Tissue Paper Shamrock craft

Paper shamrock suncatcher craft

This stained glass shamrock paper craft is pretty easy to make and a lot of fun for preschool and elementary-aged kids. Make sure that an adult does the cutting and supervises your child throughout this project. Learn how to make a shamrock out of paper – let’s get started!

Materials you will need for this DIY shamrock suncatcher:

Little girl crafting with green tissue paper shamrock

Step 1: Arrange shamrock paper squares onto wax paper

Let’s get started with this shamrock tissue paper suncatcher! First, take a piece of wax paper that’s twice the length of your desired shamrock size, fold it in half, and crease it down the middle.

Next, open the wax paper back up and use the bottom half of the wax paper as your canvas. Spread glue over the surface of your wax paper canvas and cover it completely with random tissue squares.

When you’ve finished, it should look like this…

Making a paper shamrock suncatcher - Arrange tissue paper squares glued to wax paper

Step 2: Glue and cover the tissue paper squares

Next, spread another thin layer of glue over the green tissue paper squares and fold the top half of the wax paper over. Press down firmly to seal the top to the bottom, making sure it is flat and lump-free. Allow the wax paper about an hour to dry.

How to make a St Patricks Day paper shamrock craft

Step 3: Cut out and trace a paper shamrock on top

Now grab your paper shamrock cut out and trace a light outline on the top of the wax paper. Carefully cut out your shamrock shape around the lines you traced.

Stick your paper shamrock into a window with a little clear piece of tape to admire! It looks so nice when the sun shines through this shamrock

Green Stained Glass Tissue Paper Shamrock Craft for St Patricks Day

Have fun making this St Patrick’s Day craft!

My daughter had fun with this shamrock art project, she has been working on her fine motor skills, so picking up little tissue squares and placing each one onto the glue area was a great way to get more practice.

The green and white tissue paper is super thin, and the glue dries clear, so the green and white colors look beautiful when the sun shines through in the window. if you like this craft, try making our DIY rainbow suncatcher craft for kids. Enjoy this paper shamrock craft project!

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