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DIY Easter Egg Holders – Toilet Paper Roll Bunny Craft

Our DIY Easter egg holders are lots of fun to make. This toilet paper roll bunny craft is really cute and makes the perfect egg stand!

DIY Easter Egg Holders - Toilet Paper Roll Bunny Craft

A cute Easter egg holder craft

Who’s ready for Easter Sunday? It’s right around the corner and however you celebrate, it’s always fun to do some Easter crafts with the kids. We love having egg hunts, Easter scavenger hunts, and dyeing real eggs together.

These are my kid’s favorite Easter activities to do with family and they request them every year. Since we love to craft for the holidays, it’s no surprise that this fun DIY Easter egg holders project came to be!

DIY Easter Egg Holders

We love dyeing eggs every year for Easter. Usually, we mix up the dyes, dip the eggs, and put them back into the egg carton. This is a good temporary place to hold our eggs, but we really wanted something cute and Easter-themed to put our eggs on display. We love making toilet paper roll crafts, so we made these cute bunny Easter egg holders!

A cute Easter egg holder craft

Easter Egg Toilet Paper Roll Bunny Craft

Show off your Easter eggs with pride on these fun Easter bunny egg stands! We know that this bunny craft is super cute, but it is also easy to make.

Follow these step-by-step instructions to get started, note that one toilet paper roll is needed for each of these Easter egg holders:

Materials needed for this Easter toilet paper roll craft:

  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Colored construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Clear tape
  • Black marker/Sharpie

Step 1: Cut the toilet paper roll

To start making this toilet paper roll bunny craft, cut off the top third of the toilet paper roll as shown below. Set the larger piece aside.

Cut off the top third of the toilet paper roll

Step 2: Create the egg holder’s bunny ears

Next, cut the smaller piece of cardboard tube in half long-ways to create two bunny ears. Cut curved edges around the tops of both ears to give them that rounded bunny-eared look.

Cutting bunny ears toilet paper roll craft

Trace the cardboard ears onto your preferred color of construction paper. Cut out the inner part of the ear just a bit smaller than the actual ear’s outline you traced. Glue onto each ear.

Making bunny ears for a DIY Easter egg holder

Step 3: Attach ears to toilet paper roll bunny

Pick the nicest looking side of the large piece of toilet paper roll – that will be the front side that you display. Flip the toilet paper roll over and with your clear tape, attach the ears to the opposite side of the toilet paper roll face down on the cardboard tube. Make sure that the ears are sticking up how you like them and the colored inner ear is facing down so it can be shown when you turn it over.

Tape ears to the back of the toilet tissue roll

Step 4: Draw on the cute bunny face

Finally, it’s time to add the bunny face! Cut out a little circle from your scraps of construction paper that matches the bunny’s ears for the nose and glue it onto the front of the toilet paper tube. Above the nose, draw two eyes, then draw a simple curved mouth underneath the nose with some rabbit whiskers.

Draw the bunny face on the egg holder

Now you are ready to add your dyed eggs and display them to the world! You can put your favorite eggs in these DIY Easter egg holders and use them to let them dry, too. Make a couple of these toilet paper roll bunnies to display around the house as Easter decor.

Watch the video tutorial below:

We put together a quick video of us making these Easter bunny egg stands. Take a look below!

We hope you love this bunny toilet roll craft!

We enjoyed making this bunny craft and think you will, too! If you like fun Easter ideas to do with your kids, you will also love these unique DIY ombre Easter eggs and our free printable Easter coloring pages. Have a great Easter!

Easter Egg Toilet Paper Roll Bunny Craft

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