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Learn How to Make DIY Dyed Ombre Easter Eggs – These Are So Cool!

Looking for some fun egg decorating ideas? These DIY Ombre Easter eggs are a neat Easter treat, they’re fun to make and I just love the color gradient!

DIY Ombre Easter Eggs - learn how to make ombre eggs for Easter, love the bright colors!

W’e’re having a little Easter fun around here, we love dying eggs every year and we thought it would be cool to try something new! Ombre is such a fun hair trend, i’d seen some Easter eggs like it and I wanted to see if I could make them, too.

Green Ombre Easter Egg

These DIY Ombre Easter eggs are so fun, use them as Easter decor or eat them up! All You need are some hard boiled eggs, vinegar, dye and an upright container, and you slowly add water to make the color gradient. Try making these at home this weekend!

DIY Ombre Easter Eggs – How to make them


  • large white eggs, hard boiled
  • Easter egg dye color kit
  • white vinegar
  • plastic cup or container

Making DIY Ombre Easter eggs

First, fill the bottom part of your cup with the desired color dye or tablet and about 2 tablespoons of vinegar. Place the bottom of the egg upright against the side of the container. Allow the egg to sit for about 2 minutes, then add more vinegar to about the halfway mark.

Note: I dropped the pink egg in the photo above. If you do too, hurry up and rescue it, take it out and set it upright. It will still work!

How to make DIY Ombre Easter eggs

Continue to add more and more vinegar, slowly over time until the egg is completely covered. When it’s finished, pull it out with the wire egg holders from your Easter egg dyeing kit and allow them to dry before placing into an Easter basket or display. I just love how they turned out!

How to make Ombre Eggs, Gradient dyed Easter Eggs

The bright colors are so gorgeous, next time, I want to leave them in for a little bit longer to make each color gradient more distinct. Try making these DIY Ombre Easter eggs at home this Easter Sunday!

DIY Ombre Easter eggs

Have a wonderful Easter!

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