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Free Printable Build-A-Bunny Craft for Easter

Our free printable build-a-bunny craft is fun for kids to color, cut out, and create their very own paper Easter bunny! Get started with our fun preschool Easter bunny printout below.

Free Printable Build-A-Bunny Craft for Easter

Super fun & free bunny printables

Who’s excited for Easter?! I know we sure are! We love getting together with family for holidays and celebrating Easter is no different. Easter crafting has been something that we have enjoyed over the years and this time around, we made some cute build-a-bunny templates for Easter so the kids can get creative!

Cute paper Easter bunny craft - build your own bunny

As we approach the Easter Sunday holiday, we are getting crafty with fun art projects, egg dying, and even Easter printable coloring pages. Our build-a-bunny project is an easy Easter craft for preschoolers to make, so try it at home with your kids.

Build an Easter bunny printable materials

Free Printable Build-A-Bunny Craft

This is such a fun preschool Easter project that kids enjoy because they can create their very own Easter bunny and practice coloring inside the lines, fine motor cutting skills, and more. Kids can simply color and cut out this bunny rabbit printable and put the pieces together to create a cute and fun Easter bunny!

Materials needed to build your paper Easter bunny:

  • Free printable Easter bunny template PDF – click to download
  • A printer and white standard-sized paper (8.5″x11″, card stock preferred)
  • Crayons or colored pencils
  • Scissors (age-appropriate)
  • School glue

Click to download this free build-a-bunny template

Step 1: Print out the Easter bunny template

To start with this Easter art project, print out the build a bunny template. This page is 8.5″×11″ in size, so you can use your home printer and standard white paper for this craft (thicker card stock paper is recommended, it holds up better).

When you print, be sure you set the Easter bunny printable PDF to “fit to page” so that you are printing on all of the space on the paper, and so that it does not shrink or blow up the page.

Coloring a printable Easter bunny page

Step 2: Color the bunny rabbit print out

Next, pick out your favorite Easter colors and color all of the bunny parts. The best part about this Easter craft is that you can totally make it your own. If you want a blue Easter bunny with green feet and purple ears, you can go right ahead and do so!

Take a look at the image below to help you identify each of the bunny’s body parts.

Easter bunny craft - Cut out bunny body parts

Step 3: Cut out the bunny’s body parts and glue them all together

Now you want to cut out all of the bunny parts and build your very own custom Easter bunny! Please make sure your kids are using age-appropriate scissors for their little hands and help when needed.

You can put this paper bunny together however you’d like, but we wanted to share the steps we took to put our bunnies together.

  1. Glue the paper bunny’s head on top of the oval-shaped body with a slight overlap.
  2. Add the arms on each side of the bunny’s body, nails down. We tucked the tops slightly underneath the bottom of the rabbit’s head before the glue dried.
  3. Flip over the bunny and glue the ears onto the back of the head, face down.Build a bunny - Glue on bunny ears face down
  4. Next, flip the bunny back over to add the feet. Turn the feet to a sideways position and glue them on the bottom of the Easter bunny, toes facing out.Add bunny feet to Easter bunny coloring print out 
  5. Let the glue on the build-a-bunny dry and admire your creation! Check out the toddler’s bunny below (we cut out the parts and glued them on for her).

Bunny coloring page craft for toddlers

We hope you love our free Easter bunny printables

If you are looking to get crafty this spring, print out our cute and free build-a-bunny printable template to celebrate Easter. We think this is a fun project for young kids ages 3 to about 8, but honestly, this can be a fun Easter art project for all ages.

Have a fabulous Easter Sunday!

Cute Easter build a bunny craft ideas for preschoolers

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