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Super Cute Chocolate Pudding Easter Bunny Dirt Cups

These super cute Easter bunny dirt cups are made with chocolate pudding and bunny PEEPS®. Totally edible, the kids will love making this fun Easter treat!

Super Cute Easter Chocolate Pudding Dirt Cups

Cute Easter dirt pudding cups

Easter is on its way, and we are so excited to craft and make some fun treats this year! If you’re in need of a fun edible Easter DIY idea to do with the kids at school or at church, look no further. Just a little pudding, some cookies, and PEEPS marshmallow bunnies make the cutest little Easter garden that I have ever seen!

Easter dirt pudding cups with marshmallow bunnies

Easy no-bake Easter desserts

You’ve probably seen the dirt cups with worms in them, I know that they are gummy worms but they still look so YUCK to me! This fun dessert is like an Easter dirt cake but made with pudding instead (if you are in the mood to bake an Easter cake, this Easter bunny butt cake is the cutest).

We thought we’d try to put a fun Easter spin on our chocolate pudding cups, no baking required. Try making these easy Easter bunny dirt cups with your kids!

Chocolate Pudding Easter Bunny Dirt Cups

Materials needed for these dirt cups:

  • Chocolate pudding cups
  • PEEPS® marshmallow bunnies in assorted colors (one for each pudding cup)
  • chocolate cookies, about 2 per cup
  • shredded coconut
  • green food coloring
  • mini chocolate eggs (optional)

PEEPS® marshmallow Easter bunnies

How to make Easter bunny pudding cups

First, I want you to notice that in the photo above, there are some blue marshmallow bunnies missing. Take notes, people, and make sure your helpers are not eating up all of the materials!

Take the sealed wrapper off of each pudding cup and set it aside. To make the “dirt,” crush chocolate cookies finely in a food processor (this little Ninja does the job well!) or in a sealed zipper bag. You’ll also have to prepare the “grass” by adding a drop or two of green food coloring to the shredded coconut. Mix well.

Making Easter bunny dirt cups, coconut Easter grass

Add green grass and bunny marshmallows to pudding cups

Start by spooning about a teaspoon of coconut grass in each cup. Press a small hole right in the middle of the grass for your bunny marshmallow and push it down in there almost halfway.

Cute little chocolate pudding Easter bunny dirt cups

Sprinkle the cookie crumb dirt around the bunny and over the grass until it’s almost covered. Add a few cute little chocolate eggs or jelly beans in the dirt and you’ve got yourself some Easter bunny dirt cups!

Easter treats for kids, Chocolate Pudding Peeps in Easter Dirt Cups

We hope you love our chocolate Easter dirt pudding!

Our dirt cups are made with pre-made pudding for an easy Easter treat. These are super cute and so much fun to eat. I just love the way they turned out and my kids enjoyed them as well! Have a great Easter Sunday!

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Cute Easter dirt cups made with chocolate pudding

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