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Easy Sunshine Tissue Paper Suncatcher Craft

This DIY sunshine tissue paper suncatcher craft is so much fun to make. Bring the sunlight into your home with this cute summer sun craft for kids.

Easy Sunshine Tissue Paper Suncatcher Craft - an easy sun craft project

A suncatcher craft idea your kids will love

We are always excited for the summertime – schools out, lots of family time, lazy pool days, summer vacations, and so much more. There is nothing like celebrating the sunshine, so bring a little bit of brightness into your day with these fun and easy-to-make suncatchers!

Window suncatchers - Summer sun craft for kids

If you are looking for easy sun crafts for preschoolers or elementary-aged kids, this craft idea is so much fun. All you need is orange and yellow tissue paper, construction paper, glue, and a few other materials to make this project shine!

Paper suncatchers are fun to put together and look so nice when they are all finished and hanging in the window. We have made rainbow suncatchers and they turned out so pretty! It was only right that we heat things up this summer with this fun sunshine art project.

DIY suncatcher craft in the window

Easy Sunshine Tissue Paper Suncatcher Craft

Let the light shine through this beautiful suncatcher! This tissue paper suncatcher with wax paper is pretty simple to make and looks really nice in your window. Get the step-by-step instructions with our sun catcher tutorial below.

Materials needed for this DIY suncatcher idea
(makes 1 suncatcher)

  • 1 piece of yellow colored construction paper
  • wax paper
  • yellow and orange tissue paper
  • scissors
  • school glue (clear drying)
  • pencil

Materials needed to make a sunshine stained glass window craft

How to make this easy summer sun craft

First, gather and prep your materials. You are going to need to cut up some tissue paper squares and preferably have something round to trace a half-circle with.

Sun craft - cut a circle ring out of construction paper

Start by folding your yellow piece of construction paper in half. On the folded edge, draw a half-circle as large as you would like your sun to be (tracing something round or free hand, your call).

Trace another half-circle about an inch inside of the first one. Cut the circle out on each line so that when you open it up, you have one big hollow circle.

Tracing a circle onto wax paper

Trace the middle of the circle onto wax paper

Next, take the center circle cut-out and trace it onto your piece of wax paper. This is where you will be gluing on the yellow and orange tissue squares.

Add tissue paper squares to sunshine

Begin to glue tissue paper inside of the circle, making sure that they are overlapping a bit and cover the entirety of the wax paper. Allow your tissue paper squares to go over the circle line just a little to make sure the outsides of the sunshine are covered.

Glue the yellow ring around the outside of the tissue paper circle

Glue the hollow circle on top and around the outside of the tissue paper circle you just created. Cut it out around the outside of the circle, and allow your suncatcher to dry.

Cut triangles out of your sun craft to create sun rays

Finally, when your DIY paper suncatcher is dry, carefully cut out triangles around the outside of the circle to create the sun rays. Go all the way around the outside of the suncatcher art project until you have finished.

Cut triangles around the sun craft to make sunrays

Now is your time to test it out – hang your sunshine tissue paper suncatcher craft in the window where you get pretty good sunlight with a piece of clear tape and admire! You can also poke a hole at the top of one of the sun rays and tie a string to it if you prefer to hang it that way.

Easy diy sunshine tissue paper suncatcher craft

Enjoy this sunshine art project!

We sure hope you love making this DIY sunshine tissue paper suncatcher. I just love the way it looks in the window and how the light shines through the bright orange and yellow colors. Try this easy sun craft and have an amazing summer!

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