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Disney’s Zootopia: Ginnifer Goodwin Is The Fearless Judy Hopps!

Disney’s Zootopia movie is coming out March 4th and we are very excited over here. You’ve read my interviews with actor Jason Bateman and Directors Rich Moore and Byron Howard, and now, I get to share some behind the scenes interview info from the actor who does the voice of one of my favorite characters, Ginnifer Goodwin!

Ginnifer Goodwin at Disney's Zootopia movie premiere

Disney’s Zootopia movie is coming out in theaters!

Ginnifer wasn’t able to make it out to Florida during the Zootopia press event, so she sweetly video conferenced with us all the way from Los Angeles! She looked super cute, we were excited to chat with her to learn a little about her character Judy Hopps, the lead character in the film.

Disney's ZOOTOPIA movie Hopps running still

Here are a few things Goodwin shared about her role in Disney’s Zootopia movie…

Ginnifer Goodwin is Judy Hopps

  • Goodwin¬†did absolutely nothing to prepare for her role as Judy Hopps, she had very little control of her lines and various parts of the film. She gave them all she could and the animators really took charge. “I¬†really just relinquished all control, which was new for me¬†because I think control is something which actors are always¬†fighting and creating, protecting characters,¬†but animation is a new world for me.
  • She wore sneakers in the recording studio so that she could jump up and down and¬†really get into it! They had video cameras watching her every move so that they could use it in the animation process. Goodwin says that this was the most fun she’d ever had, “nobody should get paid to have this much fun!
  • Goodwin loves the script. She says that the moment she read the script, she was “taken with¬†not only the scenes, but the fact that every great Disney¬†film, could make me laugh. It could make me cry at the same¬†points every time I read it.” She’s¬†thrilled to be able to watch the movie and not see herself in it. “When I‚Äôm watching the movie, I¬†forget that it is me and I can get completely lost in it which¬†is something that I can‚Äôt, unfortunately do when I‚Äôm watching¬†something live action.
  • Goodwin can¬†really relate to Judy’s character, she is not exactly your typical Hollywood actress. “I was certainly told early on I would never be a¬†leading lady, and I thought that was ridiculous because¬†there are all kinds of ladies and all stories need to be told,¬†so why wouldn‚Äôt my kind of lady, you know, lead a film at some¬†point?” I totally agree with her, well said!
  • As a parent, Goodwin wants kids to take away from the movie the fact that you can be whatever you put your mind to. “My character articulated that anyone can be anything and¬†I absolutely believe that.” No matter what people say on the surface, defying other¬†peoples‚Äô expectations, stereotyping, and how you’re received is what counts. “I do believe anyone can be anything. I believe¬†that there are infinite amounts of opportunities for everyone.

Disney's ZOOTOPIA in theaters March 4, 2016

Zootopia’s Judy Hopps is a hero

One thing I love about Judy Hopps is that she’s a fearless, female HERO. So many told her she couldn’t. They doubted her. They put her down. They told her to give up on her dreams. Did that stop her?! NO! Despite all of the adversity she faced, she worked as hard as she could in efforts to beat the odds.

Traditional main characters in animated movies tend to be male, so I love that Disney decided to switch things up a bit for the Zootopia movie and have Judy take on anything that comes her way, a great message to send to little boys and girls everywhere!

Thanks so much to Ginnifer for chatting with us, we really appreciate your time and insight! You’ll see what a great job she did as Judy Hopps once the movie comes out, plan to go see it!

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