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Discover Our Favorite New Attractions At Sea World San Diego This Summer!

There are so many awesome new attractions at Sea World San Diego to see this summer! My family took a hosted trip to Sea World in San Diego with The Moms and the Sea World team, we had a blast!

Discover Our Favorite New Attractions At Sea World San Diego This Summer

Best Sea World San Diego Attractions

The summer sun is heating up and we’re having a blast here in San Diego! One of our favorite family fun local things to do is to visit Sea World a few times a year. This summer, they have a few new attractions to check out that your whole family will love.

If you enjoy learning about marine life in new ways, riding the fun and thrilling rides, and watching the dolphins, orcas, and other animals in action, you have got to come and see what’s new!

Family photo at Sea World San Diego

New attractions at Sea World San Diego

While the Bay of Play, Manta coaster, Dolphin Point, Skytower, and The Journey to Atlantis ride are fun classics to enjoy at Sea World, they’ve added so much more! Here are our top new attractions at Sea World San Diego.

Sea World Emporer Roller Coaster

Sea World San Diego Emperor dive roller coaster

photo: Sea World San Diego

Emperor, the tallest, fastest, and longest dive coaster in all of California, is now open. Plunge 90 degrees and soar up to 60 miles per hour through exhilarating loops on this exciting Emperor penguin-inspired thrill ride, feeling your feet dangle above the track on the state’s only floorless dive coaster!

Dolphin Days show at Sea World

Dolphin Days show at Sea World San Diego attractions

Both bottle-nose dolphins and pilot whales take the stage at Dolphin Stadium for a fun and informative show! See how each trainer-to-dolphin relationship is important and unique, and how fun it is to watch them play, practice tricks, learn and grow right in from of our eyes! Here’s a fun video of part of the Dolphin Days show, plus our fun behind-the-scenes meet and greet with some of the dolphins after the show.

Sea World Ocean Explorer Experience

New attractions at Sea World San Diego, Submarine Quest ride at Ocean Explorer

This is a fun new attraction that kids will love! Ocean Explorer is a new deep-sea adventure, complete with animal exhibits and rides that take you down to the bottom of the sea!

Learn about various deep-sea animals, such as the giant Pacific octopus, and hop on 5 fun new rides that are both fun and educational on your journey through the ocean! Of all of the new attractions at Sea World San Diego, this is one that is the most exciting because of its many things to do.

Rides at Sea World San Diego, Ocean Explorer attraction

The all-new Orca Encounter show

New attractions at Sea World San Diego, Orca Encounter show

I love watching the beautiful orcas, and this is an experience like no other. The Orca Encounter is an up-close and personal look at orcas and the way they live, move, communicate, and all of their natural behaviors.

A large screen stretches across the stage to educate guests about the different ways of orca life, while the orcas demonstrate! Come and see these grand, majestic creatures and their roles as the most powerful predators in the ocean.

Orca Encounter show at Sea World, San Diego, CA

Treat yourself to some family fun at Sea World this summer!

If you live in San Diego or happen to be visiting, the new attractions at Sea World San Diego! In addition to the fun new shows and rides above, there’s another fun treat to look forward to: If you stay at the park when the sun goes down, you can enjoy Electric Ocean, a fun, light-the-night type of dance party that is happening throughout the park! DJs pump the tunes while bright fluorescent lights transform the park after dark.

Don’t miss it! Visit Sea World San Diego online and follow along with their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages for more fun info and behind-the-scenes looks at some of their marine life and activities!

Melanie the bottle nose dolphin at Sea World San Diego

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Sending a huge thanks to Sea World for hosting us with complimentary admission, behind-the-scenes tours, food, and other activities. Opinions are my own.

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  • We just came home from a week in California and spent a few amazing days at SeaWorld! The Electric Ocean shows were incredible and my daughters had a blast. And for the first time my eight year old (who is the SeaWorld guest kid blogger) returned rescued animals on a boat – definitely the best day EVER.

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