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Marvel’s Doctor Strange Age Rating From A Mom – Should I Take The Kids?

Here’s a guide to the Doctor Strange age rating¬†on blood, language, violence, and more from a mom who’s seen the movie. If you’re wondering if you should take your kids to see the latest Marvel film, this is a great guide.

Marvel's Doctor Strange Age Rating From A Mom - Should I Take The Kids? Doctor Strange review

Doctor Strange Age Rating

I went to go see Marvel’s Doctor Strange and WOW. Such an amazing and electrifying film! This is not your average super hero flick, there’s quite a bit of mystic energy, amazing special effects, and all of the good humor and action we love about Marvel films. I can’t wait to take my 9 year old son, we’ll be leaving his 5 year old sister at home and you should read on to see why.

Marvel Doctor Strange age rating

Do you want to take your kids under 13 but you’re not sure what to expect? Doctor Strange is rated PG 13, but every child is different and you know your children best! Read what I think about the violence, blood, nudity, and language, and my opinion on the Doctor Strange movie age rating to help you make the decision for yourself…

Marvel’s Doctor Strange Age Rating Guide For Kids from A Mom

Marvel Doctor Strange movie review - The Ancient One

Special effects

There are lots of special effects used in this movie, and I mean LOTS. From explosions to supernatural powers and floating into other dimensions, there are tons of things happening that make the movie intense. Along with the thematic music, I could see young children becoming overwhelmed with it all. Good for ages 8+

Doctor Strange review

Violence & blood

Ok, so Doctor Strange is a movie from the Marvel franchise, so there is going to be violence. Prepare for lots of action packed fight scenes and a few dead people after being defeated during the fight. Some of the battles are physical, other parts use supernatural powers, so they’re interesting for sure!¬†The Doctor Strange age rating of PG 13 probably comes from the violence.

There is a fair amount of blood shown in the movie, mostly because Doctor Strange is a surgeon and there are some scenes in the emergency room. Also, there’s a little bruising and slight blood on the faces of some of the characters when they’ve been in a battle. Other than that, the fighting scenes seem to be dry, no squirting blood or pools of it on the floor. Good for ages 8+

Doctor Strange age rating - Doctor Steven Strange and Christine Palmer

Language & nudity

The language used in the film is pretty on par with other Marvel films. I did hear a couple of mild curse words, “a**hole” and “sh*t” twice, and that was about it. Nothing major that my 9 year old hasn’t heard already!

There is no nudity in the film, unless you count arms, legs, and the chest baring Doctor Strange. He has a shirt off in a couple of scenes and you can see his skin. That’s it. No sex, either. Good for ages 8+

The villain

I don’t want to spoil the film, so i’ll just say this: You do not see much of the villain throughout the movie, but instead his evil, mean looking followers who carry out his work on his behalf. You will see him eventually, of course, and sensitive viewers may be frightened by him. Good for ages 8+


Marvel’s Doctor Strange is out in theaters November 4th – go see it!

I hope this Doctor Strange movie age rating guide helps you decide whether or not to take your kids to see the movie. I have chosen to take my mature 9 year old son and he is going to really like this film, he’s all about action flicks!

Is Doctor Strange good?

I loved the movie¬†– it is so smart, love the story line, great action scenes, a few more quips of humor than usual, and such a wonderful use of special effects! It seems as they’ve focused a bit more on relationships. Doctor Strange has to figure out how to open up his relationship with himself and others in the film. Watch the Doctor Strange trailer to see what the movie is about…

Hope this Doctor Strange age rating helped!

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I attended an advanced screening of Doctor Strange. Please note that these are my opinions, not those of Disney or Marvel, and this Doctor Strange review is my own opinion. I hope this Dr Strange age rating helps!

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