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10 DIY Indoor Herb Garden Ideas and Planters [They’re Easy and So Cute!]

These easy DIY indoor herb garden ideas are perfect to create in your home. When you do not have the space to grow your own garden outside, these ideas are helpful!

10 DIY Easy Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

Growing your herb garden indoors

Spring is a great time to start a garden, and we’ve been thinking about growing herbs to cook with. The only problem we have is that we live in a condo with no backyard, so space is tight. Thanks to a bunch of smart and creative crafters and writers, we have a bunch of ideas to be able to grow our garden indoors! Whether you’re looking to grow herbs, flowers, or even succulents, here are 10 great DIY indoor herb garden ideas that you can make yourself…

10 DIY Indoor Herb Garden Ideas and Planters to Try at Home

Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden, Camille Styles

photo: Camille Styles

1. Mason Jar Herb Garden – Camille Styles

I just love decorating with mason jars, so it’s no surprise how cute these herb plants in mason jars turned out! Nail them to a wooden plank and fix on the wall. Genius! BUY craft mason jars for this project and get started!


Wine crate turned indoor garden flower planter, Pretty Handy Girl

photo: Pretty Handy Girl

2. White Washed Wine Crate, Turned Into A Window Box – Pretty Handy Girl

If you’re handy, you’ll enjoy making this wooden indoor planter, made from a wine crate! Take out your tools and get started with this window box project, it looks beautiful with flowers. If you don’t have a wine crate, you can BUY a wooden planter box here.

Table Top Succulent Indoor Garden, Infarrantly Creative

photo: Infarrantly Creative

3. Table Top Succulent Indoor Garden, Infarrently Creative

This one is interesting, I love how the silver color looks with the lovely green succulents! It uses industrial grade galvanized vent caps and aluminum rods to get the job done.


Upcycled Frappuccino Cup Mini Planters
4. Upcycled Starbucks Frappuccino Cup Planters, Honey + Lime


This one is actually something we made last year, we noticed that we went to Starbucks far to often and came home with lots of Frappuccino cups. Instead of tossing, them, we got a few indoor plants and made mini planters that would look lovely in a window sill.

Indoor Succulent Garden, Willard and May

photo: Willard and May

5. Indoor Succulent Garden, Willard & May

This terrarium like garden is housed in a small glass bowl, they say it’s a plus because succulents are hard to kill. Great idea for a table centerpiece! Here’s a great large glass bowl to use for this project.

Indoor Herb Garden with Upcycled Tin Cans, Love Shack Chic

photo: Love Shack Chic

6. Indoor Tin Can Herb Garden – Love Shack Chic

Take your tin cans and save them, because you’re making an indoor herb garden! This looks like a very cute and easy project, decorate your cans and plant your favorite herbs in them. I like it!

Kitchen Herb Garden in Wood Box Planter, Migonis Home

photo: Migonis Home

7. Kitchen Herb Garden in a Recycled Pallet Box, Migonis Home

This old pallet turned planter has a rustic look and feel to it, and looks gorgeous as an indoor garden. I really like this one, and herbs on the table means you can pick a few and eat them at dinner time.

DIY Pallet Wall Living Planter

photo: The Brew

8. DIY Pallet Living Wall, The Brew

I love this living pallet wall! It is upholstered in the back to hold indoor plants, such a cool idea!

Indoor IKEA Herb Garden, Curbly

photo: Curbly

9. Indoor Herb Garden On An IKEA Wine Rack, Curbly

I just love this idea for an indoor garden using IKEA’s VURM wine rack and a few clear tumblers. They sit nicely in the wine rack when mounted sideways, perfect for growing plants! You can actually buy a similar version of this wall mounted wine rack here. I think this is one of the cutest DIY indoor herb garden ideas, it looks great hanging on the wall!

Self Watering Glass Bottle Planters, Little Projectiles

photo: Little Projectiles

10. Self Watering Glass Bottle Planters, Little Projectiles

Cut some glass bottles, then place them into mason jars full of water to create this neat planter idea. This short tutorial shows you how, once the roots catch the water below, you won’t have to water them!

I just love all of these DIY indoor herb garden ideas, I really want to try the wooden pallet kitchen table box, and the wine rack idea is just awesome!

How do you grow herbs and plants indoors?

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