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New Mom and ABC’s American Housewife Star Katy Mixon Is ALL of Us

We loved interviewing ABC’s American Housewife Star Katy Mixon, she is really ALL of us as moms and we can totally relate to her both on and off screen!

ABC's American Housewife star Katy Mixon Q&A day in Los Angeles, CA, April 2017

I don’t know if you all remember, but last year, we visited ABC’s American Housewife TV show set for the “Krampus Katie” holiday episode from Season 1. I briefly met Katy Mixon back then between takes, but recently, I saw her again while in Los Angeles with Disney and ABC! Mixon is glowing and radiant, expecting her first child soon and so happy about the success of the show. I love how her character “Katie Otto” is so REAL – not that cookie cutter TV mom you see all over your screen! Here’s how American Housewife star Katy Mixon us just like all of us, both on and off set.

New Mom and American Housewife Star Katy Mixon Is ALL of Us

Mixon’s personal life off screen

Interviewing American Housewife star Katy Mixon was a JOY. She is the sweetest, happiest Southern belle, and she is so thrilled to be having her first child! She says that she really loves being on the show and thinks that it’s wonderful to be able to play someone that people can relate to. “It relates so much to moms. But what was so special was, I knew in the beginning when I signed onto it, I felt like it didn’t matter what gender you are and what background you come from. Everybody relates to insecurity. No matter whether you’re from Kansas, from Oregon, from Miami, from Westport!” She is so RIGHT!

AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE - ABCs American Housewife stars Daniel DiMaggio as Oliver, Meg Donnelly as Taylor, Katy Mixon as Meg Donnelly, Diedrich Bader as Greg and Julia Butters as Anna-Kat

photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Now that Mixon is pregnant, she’ll become a mom for the first time now in real life! I love her open mind, she’s having a little boy and wants him to pursue whatever he wants to do. “I’m gonna be such a big fan, I just want  to introduce him to the world. Whether it’s a mathematician, or a rock band, I just want to encourage – me & my fiancé, we just want to encourage him to be who he’s meant to be.” I think that this is true for every mom that I know!

ABC American Housewife sitcom, Katy Mixon is Katie Otto

photo: ABC/American Housewife

Her character “Katie Otto” On screen

Since most TV and movie moms are slim, sleek, and perfect, it’s so important to me that “Katie Otto” is a normal, average looking mom. In the show, Otto deals with some of the same issues that we do as parents, yet in a humorous way – she’s this average looking mom and wife in a wealthy suburban neighborhood full of those rich, perfect looking housewives. Her and her husband have 3 children, and Otto really tries to stand out amongst the rest of the moms, yet struggles with various stressors, keeping up with her children, irrelevant competition, body image and weight after having kids, and being the best, most involved wife and mother she could possibly be.

We wanted to know if American Housewife star Katy Mixon had a favorite child actor that she works with, and her response was that of a true parent. “No. They’re all quite special. They’re all really really lovely. I’m such a person of divine appointment, I believe in that. And the moment I met each one of them, I knew I was a part of something quite special.” Never choose one child as a favorite!

ABC American Housewife episode 114, The Club, Ali Wong, Julia Butters, Katy Mixon

photo: ABC/American Housewife

In the latest episode, don’t miss her in a complete panic at the thought of having to appear at the pool in her swimsuit in front of tons of people! When [their daughter] develops a fear of water, her therapist suggests the Ottos get her to go swimming. But can Katie get over own her fear of wearing a bathing suit in public at the Westport Country Club so she can help her kid out? This is truly an episode we can all relate to, it airs TUESDAY, MAY 2 at 8:30pm ET/PT, on The ABC Television Network.

Look – it’s me and Katy Mixon!

Pregnant Katy Mixon, Deanna Underwood, ABC American Housewife interviews

Catch ABC’s American Housewife Star Katy Mixon on Tuesday nights at 8:30pm EST!

It was so great meeting Katy, and this is such a fun show! I have already seen tonight’s episode and her issue with going to the pool and taking off her cover up is HILARIOUS – because it’s really ALL OF US! Watch American Housewife on Tuesday nights at 8:30pm on ABC TV!


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I attended a press trip courtesy of Disney. Travel, lodging and other logistics are provided, opinions are those of Honey + Lime.

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