Learn Archery With Genesis Bows: An Outdoor Sport That Makes A Great Holiday Gift!


Genesis Bows kid aiming for an archery target


Have you ever shot a bow and arrow? There’s nothing like the thrill of drawing back your bow, aiming with a keen eye, and firing straight the bulls eye!


Kid boy opening Genesis Bows Archery Bow and Arrow Kit


Archery is a fast growing precision sport, aim and technique are the keys to success and kids can actually get in on the fun with¬†Genesis Bows! Manufacturing quality bows and arrows for kids, Genesis¬ģ has one simple goal: For youth everywhere to experience archery, no matter what age or athletic abilities they may possess! ¬†


Genesis Bows aluminum arrows in belt tube


We actually got a chance to try out one of the Genesis¬ģ Original Bows, can I just tell you how much my 8 year old loves it?! It’s a 35.5 inch¬†solid¬†aluminum bow that comes with a kit including the belt tube arrow holder, adjustable arm guard, and 5 aluminum arrows. We also got a giant target, and customized our bow with the¬†Genesis Build-a-Bow¬†page where you can select your own colors for each part of the¬†bow, down to the strings! ¬†


The Genesis Original Bow Kit Parts and Arrows


Archery requires discipline, focus, and patience. We learned this right away when it came to learning the techniques for drawing back and shooting the bow. Setting up your arrow in the right spot, aiming, pulling back very slow and finally firing requires precise concentration and targeting. This is a great way to get kids outdoors, having them work on their hand eye coordination, and it can be quite the confidence builder. When they try and try, and finally hit the center of the target? BULLS EYE!


Genesis Boy practicing Archery


The Genesis Original Bow is actually¬†the official bow of the National Archery in the Schools program, it has been used in over¬†13,000 schools by over 2 million youth each year, nationwide. The draw back length is anywhere from 15 – 30 inches, so Genesis Bows can be used in elementary, middle and high school. This bow really grows with each child, when my son turns 16, he’ll still be able to use his Genesis Original Bow. If you have younger children in preschool or early elementary, the Genesis Mini Bow is a little smaller, but perfect for them to get started!


Genesis Bows archery arrow hit the target


Safety first: Parental supervision is required


I do have to mention that safety is of the utmost importance when participating in any sport. Archery is not about shooting people or hunting animals, it is about challenging yourself or competing with others as you would in any other sport or hobby. Bows are not weapons! Parents, please supervise children at all times when practicing archery.


Genesis Bows Youth Target and Arrows


Learn archery the easy way, right in your backyard! Genesis Bows are the perfect holiday gift this season, buy one and wrap it up to put under the tree, or let the kids design their own bow online. Visit Genesis Bows for more information, and you can start building your own on the Genesis Build-a-Bow page. Watch the Genesis Archery on YouTube video for tips and instructions about the sport!


Win a Genesis Original Bow Kit, Build It Yourself!


If you wanted one of these awesome bows, you’re in luck! One lucky reader will win a Genesis Original Build-A-Bow Archery Kit that they can gift or keep for themselves! Enter to win via the Rafflcopter form below, contest ends December 9, 2015, just in time for Christmas. Good luck!


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Ready, aim, SHOOT!


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