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Are You Wearing The Right Bra Size? Here’s 5 Ways To Tell At Home…


Does your bra fit your body the way it’s supposed to? I am partnering with Vanity Fair and Influence Central in a sponsored post to share a few tips to tell if you are wearing the right bra size. Also, I got to try out a few of their bras, and I LOVE THEM.


Are you wearing the right bra size, here's how to tell


Did you know that 80% of women actually wear the wrong bra size? As our bodies change over the years, many women tend to keep the same bras and adjust them to fit however they can – I used to do this! After having two kids, gaining, then losing weight and becoming much more active, I learned that it was imperative that I get my lingerie together, stat!


Vanity Fair Lingerie, For Women Who Do


I actually went to get a bra fitting while I was in New York, courtesy of Vanity Fair Lingerie. I was just about the right size, but so many of the other ladies were off a size or two on the cup and band size! Also, I realized that many of my current bras were over stretched and worn out, so they totally didn’t fit right. While I do believe that a professional bra fitting is the best way to know your correct bra size, here’s what I learned about bra sizing at home from Vanity Fair…


How To Tell If You’re Wearing The Right Sized Bra


1. When you look in the mirror, stand up straight with your hands to your sides, with your bra on. Your breasts should sit between your shoulders and elbows.

2. Your bra should fit like a glove. No loose straps, bulky bands, space in the cups, or weird bulging anywhere. Your bra should be smooth, comfortable, and feel supportive, rather than restrictive.

3. The two fingers test: Try sliding two fingers under your bra straps. They should fit right in, while the bra still fits snug on the shoulders and flush on the chest.

4. Wearing your bra on the middle hook is best. If you continuously use either of the other hooks, it might be time to go bra shopping!

5. Try the top test: Put on one of your favorite tops over your current bra and see how it looks. Any bulge coming out of the sides, or the back and shoulder blade area? How does it feel? Are there wires visible through the shirt?


Display of Vanity Fair Beauty Back Full Coverage Bras


Look, having a bra that fits, comfortably, is really an essential piece of a woman’s wardrobe. I have been very happy with my Vanity Fair bras and panties, using the latest colors, trends and designs, they are made to fit and function comfortably and the construction and quality of the material shows. I also have a couple of bras made by Lily of France, a sister brand of Vanity Fair, they have been wonderful!


Vanity Fair Women's Lace Underwire Beauty Back Bra


One of their best sellers, the Beauty Back collection, is a full coverage bra that has large, silky panels designed to smooth the back. Choose underwire or wirefree. A personal favorite of mine are the small, feminine lace details – so pretty! This way, I get the coverage I need along with feeling soft and lady like, great to wear under any clothing.

Face it: We need lingerie that fits the silhouette and supports the body just where we need it. Women who do are juggling so many different things throughout the day, and I believe that having a comfortable lingerie foundation to our outfits, uniforms, dresses, t-shirts, and business suits really makes a huge difference on the way we look and feel. Vanity Fair Lingerie has a goal to ensures that a woman feels confident throughout the day, whatever comes her way!


#WomenWhoDo: Be ready to take on the day, whatever comes your way


For more information about their products, visit Vanity Fair Lingerie online, or stop by your local Macy’s, Kohl’s, or JcPenney stores and try on the Vanity Fair difference. Extensive sizing includes band sizes 34 – 44 and cup sizes B – DDD. Trust me, you’ll love the Vanity Fair feeling and fit!


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