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Back To School Must Haves: 3 Clothing Styles + Outfit Ideas for Boys

Do you need back to school clothes and outfit ideas for boys? Have you finished your back to school shopping? Look no further, we’ve found some great stylish outfits for boys that won’t break the bank!Back to School Boys Outfit Ideas and Styles

Are you done with your back to school shopping? I am almost there, I have a few items left to pick up for both my daughter and son. My daughter just needs a jacket, but my son, oh my SON. He needs something in every department!  I know the dilemma all too well. My son is my first born, and shopping for him was difficult in a sea of girls clothing.

This fall, there are a bunch of promising selections from a bunch of retailers, I like how some boys outfits are starting use layering concepts and mixing prints, patterns and colors! I found a few outfits for boys that I love, and now you can send your son back to school in style without breaking the bank.

Tea Collection Fall 2012 for Boys

Here are my favorites outfits for boys this season, these looks are casual, comfortable and perfect for active elementary and middle school aged kids.

3 Back to School Outfit Ideas for Boys

Gymboree back to school outfit ideas for boysSporty + Sneakers

Get the look: Gymboree

I love this outfit idea using comfy casual jeans and sneakers! These two look super sporty in their casual clothes, layer tees and hoodies or jackets to keep warm throughout the day. Leave the letterman jacket home on days that are not so cold. Plus, these pieces can be mixed and matched with other clothing that’s already in the closet!




Oshkosh BGosh Fall 2014 Boys Plaid and Cargo OutfitPlaid + Cargos

Get the look: Oshkosh B’Gosh

Put together plaid tops with cargo bottoms in almost any color, it’s gonna look good! This outfit, put together by Oshkosh, uses the layering technique that keeps kids warm and comfortable during the cooler months. Gray is a great color, and I like the mix with green and blue. Vest optional on this one since there are two shirts.




Tea Collection Boys Denim OutfitBold Denim

Get the look: Tea Collection

How adorable is this little guy?! This is the Bonn Daytripper Outfit from Tea, I just love it! Colored denim is popular for boys and girls, adults and children, so it’s no wonder that these yellow daytripper twill pants and chambray shirt look together. There is a striped blue long sleeved shirt underneath, a great addition to the bold look.  I would use the undershirt in the Midwest and East Coast, but not in the warmer, southern climates. This look is my favorite outfit ideas for boys!



What are your favorite back to school styles and looks for boys?



  • I love outfit #3. I am a big fan of the bold denim colors. I think it is fun! It will be a great way to also teach my son his colors! 🙂 

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