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13 of The Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Almost Everything You Need In Life

These are the best monthly subscription boxes that will cover (almost) all of your needs. It’s always fun to get something new in the mail, and these are some of the best subscription boxes that you’ll love!

12 of the best monthly subscription boxes you need in your life. From food, books, wine, chocolate, and even underwear, these would make such a great gift!

Life is beautiful, and we all love experiencing the finer things. When it comes to artisan, and picked foods, International wines, gourmet  chocolate, best selling books, and even underwear, isn’t it better to receive the best of the best right at your doorstep? I think so, and these awesome subscription boxes are perfect and do just that! If you’re looking for some holiday gift ideas, these are some of the best monthly subscription boxes available. They’re so much fun!

13 of The Best Monthly Subscriptions Boxes for Almost Everything You Need In Life

dark chocolate pieces and cocoa powder photo

1. Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club

This artisan chocolate club is perfect for the sweet tooth in you. Hand crafted chocolates are selected from chocolatiers worldwide using the best ingredients to create this box of chocolate perfection. A fresh box of gourmet chocolates delivered to your door? This is what dreams are made of! 

2. Kitchen Table Passport Box

Exploring the cultures and flavors of the world is an amazing thing, and now, you don’t even have to leave home to do it! The Kitchen Table Passport box is custom made with some the ingredients for easy to follow authentic recipes that will take your palette to another country! Just pick up the fresh foods needed and you’re on your way to a cultural flavor explosion! 

3. Roost Crate Monthly Subscription Box

This one is like a little farmers market in a box. Every month, you will open a surprise filled crate of handmade, artisan-crafted goodies perfect for bath, body, & home. We even have sneak peeks of unique kitchen gadgets, ready to make cooking more fun! Think of us as a “Farmer’s Market” in a box, delivered straight to your door.

The best monthly subscription boxes Hale Groves monthly fruit club

photo: Hale Groves

4. Hale Groves Gourmet Fruits

Who wouldn’t want a delivery of fresh seasonal fruit to their door? Hale Groves is located in sunny Vero Beach, Florida and grows some of the most delicious varieties that anyone would LOVE! You can subscribe to their Monthly Fruit Club, where you’ll receive a hand picked fruit box according to the seasons. Choose from citrus fruits, tropical fruits, apples, pears, cherries, and so much more! Use promo code WS16 for free shipping.

5. Wine of the Month Club

This one is perfect for the wine lover in your life, or yourself! This has got to be one of the best monthly subscription boxes, receive a new wine selection each month. There is a two-tier selection process, and those that curate the monthly wines are passionate about finding the best International wines, rare blends, and even some that are hard to find.

6. Wonderful Objects by Wonder and Company

Awaken your imagination with this fun story telling box! A whimsical assortment of    will take you back to your childhood of fairy tale magic. Our focus is on high quality objects that tell a story through a carefully crafted theme that changes with each quarter. You can expect several objects per box plus custom-made story elements. Our hand-picked objects are from an ever-changing variety of categories including delightful goods for the home and creative space, wearable treasures, brilliant stationery and writing implements, limited edition art pieces and more. We’re all kids at heart!

The best monthly subscription boxes, Treatsie subscription box candy sweets and treats delivered to your door

photo: Treatsie

7. Treatsie Monthly Sweets Box

Candy! Cookies! Popcorn! Discover amazing sweets and treats in this fun, Internationally curated box. There are new treats every month, so you never know what you’re gonna get. We think this is one of the best monthly subscription boxes out there, such a great holiday gift idea!

8. Pley Educational Monthly Toy Box

The concept of Pley is pretty simple: receive a toy, play with the toy, and send it back for a new one! Yes, our kids rooms get quite cluttered with every single new toy they get, and once they’ve played with their new toys, they’re finished with it for good. Pley insures that kids receive a new, educational toy to love, over and over again! Get 25% off of a 3-month subscription

9. Powered Geek Box

Self proclaimed nerds, gamers and geeks – this one is for you! Powered Geek Box collaborated with Marvel, DC Comics, Star Wars, and other top franchises to bring you the best unique collectibles, memorabillia, figurines, t-shirts, and more novelty knick knacks you will LOVE.

The best monthly subscription boxes, Book of the month club

photo: Book of the Month Club

10. Book of The Month Club

I am sure that this is the best monthly subscription boxes for book lovers. Read to your hearts content and never miss a read with this wonderful box! We pore through hundreds of new books each month and select the five best we can find to share with our members. This is a great way to stay caught up on all of the best books every month!

11. Underwear Nation Monthly Subscription Box

Fellas, you’ll never have to think about buying new underwear again! this is a great gift idea for the men in your life, I am pretty sure they’ve never received an underwear subscription!

12. Little Passports Kids Global Travel Box

It’s never been easier to take a worldwide adventure with your kids! At Little Passports, our subscriptions create those opportunities, and certainly spark the imagination! Our products deliver discovery and adventure to children of all ages. Kids learn, discover, and play with a variety of age appropriate games, worksheet activities, science experiments, and more!

Home Made Luxe DIY home decor subscription box - this one was for the month of December, I love how you can create your own home decor items!

photo: Home Made Luxe

13. Home Made Luxe DIY Subscription Box

My girl Keitha created this fun, Pinterest inspired home decor subscription box for those who really want to craft and make their own projects, but lack direction and the materials. She comes up with these awesome, seasonal monthly project ideas for the home that are so cute, perfect for a fun night in with friends – plan a monthly girl’s night, pour some wine, craft together, and enjoy each other’s company!

What’s your favorite of the best monthly subscription boxes?

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