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10 Captain Marvel Photos from the Movie: A Set Visit and The Newest Movie Trailer!

These Captain Marvel photos from the movie and the newest movie trailer are such a good way to get excited about the film! Plus, I went onto the Captain Marvel movie set and OMG, so exciting!

Captain Marvel photos, A Set Visit, and The Newest Movie Trailer! captain marvel set | captain marvel pictures | captain marvel movie trailer | captain marvel set photos | captain marvel images | honeyandlime.co

Captain Marvel photos, A Set Visit, and The Newest Movie Trailer!

Do you all remember when I was in Los Angeles for the Avengers: Infinity War movie premiere? Well, that’s not all I did with Marvel, and I think it’s time to come clean! We had a few hours to spare one afternoon and there just so happened to be another pretty big movie filming in the area – Captain Marvel. When¬†we were told by Disney that we were heading to visit the set, we were BEYOND excited!

You went on to the Captain Marvel set?!” Yep, that’s right. I got the chance to go onto the set of the Captain Marvel movie when they were still filming back in April! I can’t quite tell you what I saw or what I did until the movie comes out, but it was such a neat experience! Here’s a photo of the Disney bloggers crew who got to visit the set, we were sworn to secrecy and it was one of the hardest things to keep quiet about! There are some amazing things happening with this movie, people. I am so excited to see Brie Larson as Marvel’s first female-lead superhero, Carol Danvers, and how this movie relates to the Marvel universe as a whole. Scroll down to read the movie synopsis and check out 10 photos from the Captain Marvel set.

Captain Marvel set visit Disney bloggers group photo

Captain Marvel movie synopsis:

Set in the 1990s, Marvel Studios’ CAPTAIN MARVEL is an all-new adventure from a previously unseen period in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that follows the journey of Carol Danvers as she becomes one of the universe’s most powerful heroes. While a galactic war between two alien races reaches Earth, Danvers finds herself and a small cadre of allies at the center of the maelstrom.

10 Captain Marvel Photos from the Movie

Captain Marvel movie, Brie Larson in uniform

Captain Marvel photos from the movie, Brie Larson

Captain Marvel pictures from the movie

Captain Marvel movie still, Nick Fury

Pilot Brie Larson and co-pilot on the set of Captain Marvel

Still images from Captain Marvel movie, Walter Lawson and Carol Danvers

Captain Marvel photos

Actor Lee Pace as Ronan on the Captain Marvel set

Captain Marvel pictures, pilot Maria Rambeau Lashana Lynch

Brie Larson is Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel movie

Watch the Captain Marvel movie trailer below…

I am so juiced about this movie already, and seeing these photos and thinking about what I saw on the set of the film just adds to the excitement! If you like what you’re seeing and want¬†more, watch the official trailer for Captain¬†Marvel below, the special effects will blow your mind.

Captain Marvel movie is out in theaters March 8, 2019!

Mark your calendars and make it a point to go see Captain Marvel release date, in theaters March 8, 2019! I really hope that I’ll be able to cover the premiere of this movie, there is so much to know about these characters and I always love to see how close to the old comic series’ that these movies are. I am also excited to see how this movie, set in the 90’s, ties into what we’ve seen in the Avengers: Infinity War, and how Ronan fits into this film (do you remember him from Guardians of the Galaxy?). Way to go, major female superhero!

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I attended a press trip to the Marvel Avengers Infinity War event courtesy of Disney. Travel, lodging, and other logistics are provided, opinions are those of Honey + Lime.

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