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What Motivates Your Child To Succeed? 9 Great Ways To Keep Encouraging Your Child

Do you know what motivates your child to succeed? Here are some great tips from guest writer Ross to help in a positive way and continue encouraging your child, no matter what it is that they wish to do! 

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What motivates your child to succeed?

They say “behind every child who believes in himself is a parent who believed first.” The love you harbor for your toddler knows no bounds. But that at most times isn’t sufficient. Few parents realize that a stable relationship with their children can spell way more wonders than those books and clichéd institutions. While all of us might not buy the idea of “parenting classes”, we can still open up our minds to newer dimensions and delve into greater details to actually manifest the legend we believe our young one is.

9 Ways To Keep Encouraging Your Child

1. Allow a healthy indulgence

Brain health is dependent on our diet in large proportions. However, driven by those insatiable taste buds, your child needs to be constantly pushed towards a healthy meal. By modeling healthy eating behaviors yourself, you can help your child maintain a healthy weight and normal growth. Some of the most important aspects of healthy eating are
portion control and cutting down on sugar and fat. A good way of encouraging your child is to allow a little healthy treat every now and again.

2. Encourage your child with quality conversations

You might not realize but a few minutes every day is perhaps the greatest inheritance you could bequeath. Given that kids of all ages still crave direction, discussing with them their day to day experiences and adding your own opinion might help your
child handle the situation differently next time. Keep it short, and use your life-wisdom to guide while keeping their experience unique since even young children need to feel separate enough to discover what works. Powerful advice means recognizing your own limits to help kids make decisions without you, and I think these conversations could be the key to finding out what motivates your child to succeed.

3. Instilling generosity in your child

Teach your kids about the importance of generosity. How it would make them seem amicable, approachable and help them find more acceptance in the outside world. The most important ways to teach generosity is to simply live generously. Be kind. Compliment often. Let your kids see you being neighborly and helpful. You can also encourage your child to reach out to those in need, do charity on their birthday and become as accommodative as possible.

4. Engender global awareness

For any child to stand out of his lot and to make informed landmark decisions in life, it is imperative for him to be aware of what goes on around them. For instance environmental concerns today. By ensuring that your child is well aware of harm
humans have been causing to their surroundings and planet earth at large, you will not only encourage him to go green but you might also ignite his creativity in waste management and make your family lifestyle sustainable. Also, this creativity would not be limited only to his young years.

5. Encouraging your child’s emotional literacy

While we focus solely on academics, our kids also need to be emotionally literate. Kids take long to get to the point but it helps your child feel heard and show you are interested in the whole story. “Love is focused interest,” it has been said, and our kids can tell when we are interested in them. It will add self-worth and confidence to their personality (learn more about educating the whole child).

6. Subtle gifts and praise

Your child is bound to meet with success and failure on many points in their life. While their success should be awarded, their small failings need to be decimated in their memories so they don’t let them fester. Parents have a greater role to play. Little outings and science gifts would easily brighten them up and teach their lesson and also provide alternate learning processes. Moreover, it is not your present but your presence that would do the magic.

7. Praise their efforts

Attribution Theory says that the causes people attribute to events affect how they think of and respond to future events. If you want to know what motivates your child to succeed, praise is definitely a great start as it helps most children! When children are praised for their effort expended in doing it, they learn to attribute the success to their effort. An effort is a quality that we have the power to control or improve through hard work and practice. These children will, therefore,
focus more on developing skills than on pursuing results per se.

8. Encourage your child by shunning comparisons

At times comparisons can motivate us to study or work harder. Comparison leaves children vulnerable to future setbacks. Kids who are praised by comparison don’t stop comparing when they fail. Instead, they lose motivation faster.
When these children face difficulties, they demonstrate more negative emotion, frustration, and helplessness than children who are mostly praised for their mastery of the task. They become less resilient. Instead, help your child marvel at the peculiarities of his life and engender in him the belief that every cloud has a silver lining.

Mom and daughter encouraging your child

9. Igniting the fire within

When you excite your children about their goals and ambitions positive energy and adrenaline will push them to continue their hard work and be happy with their efforts. Figure out what motivates your child to succeed and show that you are excited for them, too. Encourage your children to discover what they are passionate about. It may take a few tries along the way. Support them on their journey towards passion and urge them to keep going until they find out what it is.

What motivates your child to do well?

Encouraging your child is so important for their well being as they grow. Once you learn what motivates your child to succeed, you will be able to help them through almost anything! After everything, never miss an opportunity to tell your child “I love you”.

What Motivates Your Child To Succeed - 9 Ways to keep encouraging your child

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Ross is a blogger who loves to write especially in the Parenting vertical. He has written many informative blogs in other verticals too like personal development, unique gifting blogs, and more. 

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