A Few Captain Marvel Set Photos – OMG I Actually Went On the Set!

These Captain Marvel set photos give us such a great look at the action that happens behind the scenes! Captain Marvel is coming out in theaters March 8, 2019, and I was so fortunate to go to LA with Disney and visit the set where the movie was filmed.

Captain Marvel Set Photos - Captain Marvel movie Director Anna Boden and Brie Larson, Carol Danvers

Director Anna Boden, Brie Larson as Carol Danvers

Can you believe it?! I actually got to go to the set of Captain Marvel last year and meet Samuel Jackson and Brie Larson! They were shooting a fun scene with the cat, Goose, who can be considered a co-star with his appearances throughout the film РI saw the movie already and it is great! It was pretty neat to see how they make magic on the sets, they look so realistic and the detail is amazing.

Captain Marvel set visit with Samuel Jackson and Bree Larsom

Both Jackson (rear middle) and Larson (bottom right, in a Nine Inch Nails t-shirt that you will see in the movie, btw) were kind enough to chat with our group during their break and take a photo, along with Captain Marvel Directors Anna Boden (second from bottom right) and Ryan Fleck (bottom middle), and Goose the cat!¬†It wasn’t very¬†long before they had to jump back into the space ship they were filming in and finish their scene. Afterward, we walked through a couple of the other sets that were not being used and we, well, used them ourselves! Here are some behind the scenes photos from the Captain Marvel movie.

Captain Marvel Set Photos

Here are the Directors chatting with Ben Mendelsohn, who plays Talos, on the movie set.

Captain Marvel behind the scenes - Directors with Talos Skrull

A candid moment between Brie Larson and Sam Jackson…

Captain Marvel set photos - Brie Larson and Samuel Jackson

A few celebrities…. wait… that’s ME on the right! There were a few props that we got to check out. These blasters were heavy and really light up, don’t we look tough?

Disney bloggers on the set of the 2019 Captain Marvel movie

Here’s one of the blasters actually in use in the movie…

Captain Marvel Skrulls

Director Anna Boden with Jude Law as Yon-Rogg (left), and Lee Pace as Ronan (middle).

Captain Marvel set photos - Ronan is Lee Pace, Yon-Rogg is Jude Law

The Captain Marvel movie Directors talk with Ben Mendelsohn.

Captain Marvel set photos, Ben Mendelsohn

This photo is inside one of the sets that we got to see. We had some extra time, so naturally, we jumped into the “mind fracker” to pretend like we were in the movie, too! When you see this part in the movie, you will notice that I am not exactly doing this right. Thank goodness!

Deanna Underwood on the Captain Marvel set, mind fracker prop

Captain Marvel is in theaters March 8!

I just love these Captain Marvel set photos, they really capture the amount of detail they put into each costume, each set, and each scene, and that they like to make sure it’s right and have fun in the process! Don’t miss¬†Captain Marvel release date, in theaters March 8, 2019 – this is Marvel’s first lead female superhero and she delivers! Until then, check out some more Captain Marvel photos from the movie.

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I attended a press trip to the Marvel Avengers Infinity War event courtesy of Disney. Travel, lodging, and other logistics are provided, opinions are those of Honey + Lime.

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