Meet The Wonder Park Characters + Activities & a New Trailer – Now Playing In Theaters!

This post is in partnership with Paramount Pictures. Wanna meet the Wonder Park characters? We introduce them all here, and the movie is out in theaters now! Buy tickets and print out some fun activity pages for the kids today.

Wonder Park characters Peanut, Boomer, June, Steve - this movie is out in theaters March 15, 2019

Meet The Wonder Park Characters

Ready to experience the ride of your life? The Wonder Park movie is in theaters today, and we are so excited! Buy your tickets NOW, don’t miss this fun film.

June, a wildly creative and imaginative girl, dreams of an exciting and vivid amusement park in the woods. One day, June runs through the woods to find her way home and comes across an old rollercoaster car. She hops in and suddenly finds herself inside of an amusement park. This is not just any park, but it’s Wonderland, exactly the one she dreamt of, where all of her rides and animal Wonder Park characters are brought to life, right before her eyes! June will need to step in and work with her new friends to put Wonderland back together before it is lost forever.

There are some fun characters in this movie, let’s meet them!

Wonder Park characters - June

June – the Dreamer

Of all of the Wonder Park characters, this little girl is the one responsible for all of the chaos! June is an imaginer, a doer, and a dreamer. She loves to create, and it looks like she is into science, building, and engineering, hence the reason Wonderland was created! June is the only human in the bunch, can she step in and help the rest of the Wonder Park characters save the amusement park?

Wonder Park movie character Greta

Greta – the Boss

Greta is a wild boar and serves as the boss of the crew. It is rumored that she is the love interest of Steve, who you’ll meet below!

Wonder Park characters - Steve the safety officer

Steve – the Safety Officer

A porcupine named Steve keeps Wonderland safe, and you can see that with those sharp quills, he is not one to be messed with! Do him and Greta make a good match?

Wonder Park - Peanut the ride maker

Peanut – the Ride Maker

Who’s behind the operations of the park? A chimpanzee named Peanut, that’s who! He looks like he’ll be dazzling guests at Wonder Park, what a fun character.

Wonder Park - Boomer and June

Boomer – the Ride Tester

This big, friendly blue bear welcomes all of the Wonderland visitors and tests all the rides at the park. He is big, warm, furry, and apparently narcoleptic.

Wonder Park - Gus and Cooper

Gus and Cooper – the Builders

These two brothers are beavers, and they are responsible for the building and maintenance of Wonderland. These silly beavers provide some comic relief as they cause a few problems along the way!

Wonder Park is out in theaters – grab your tickets today!

This is such a cute film, and I hope you will take your whole family to see it! I am especially excited for my 8-year-old daughter to watch this movie, it features an imaginative GIRL who is into STEM and created all of the magic in this movie, and this is a message I would love for my daughter to see. Check out this trailer where you can see all of the Wonder Park characters in action…

Wonder Park activities, games, and coloring fun

Head over to the Wonder Park website to let your imagination run wild! Play some games and activities, and explore the Wonder Park Magic Coloring Book. Click the button below to get started, some of your favorite Wonder Park characters might be over there!

The Wonder Park Movie is in Theaters NOW!

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