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9 Air Travel Tips for Long Flights – Learn How to Get Comfortable on a Plane

Need some air travel tips for long flights? You definitely want to learn how to get comfortable on a plane, and these ideas will help you learn how to survive a long flight!
9 Air Travel Tips for Long Flights – Learn How to Get Comfortable on a Plane

Learn How to Get Comfortable on a Plane

On my recent travel to Curacao, the flight time was 10 hours total, one way. The first leg from Los Angeles to Miami was a red-eye, 5.5 hours long, and I was determined to grab some zzzz’s. Complete unconsciousness. I am the absolute WORST sleeper on airplanes. It’s hard to sleep sitting up, and the recline on a coach seat is a total joke. If I am traveling with the kids, I can pretty much throw any hopes of sleeping out the little airplane window!
Seats inside of airplane - tips for long haul flights

9 Air Travel Tips for Long Flights

It’s time to turn the tables, y’all. Learn how to pass the time on a long flight, and get some sleep and some ideas about what to do on an airplane. Here are a few air travel tips to stay comfortable during your flight.

How to sleep on a plane

1. The first is obvious, fly first class… The seats are larger, they recline nicely, and come with pillows and blankets. Some airlines have first-class seats that lie all the way down. If you’ve never flown first class, it’s really life-changing.

However, for those of us who cannot always afford a first-class ticket (ahem), this option has to be overlooked. I am a bargain hunter and I scour the web for travel deals every time I fly.

2. Reserve a window seat. Face it, the aisle is ok for mobility, but the middle downright sucks. Do you want to know how to sleep comfortably in economy class? If you are looking to rest on the plane, the window is the best spot to lie your head once it gets heavy. Also, note that exit rows generally have more legroom, but the seats don’t recline.

3. Pack the comforts of home. A light blanket, a small pillow or travel neck pillow, earplugs, chapstick, and sleeping masks tend to do the trick! Also, if there is something you do at home in your nightly bedtime routine, such as reading, drinking a cup of decaffeinated tea, etc you should try that, too. I personally pack a pair of thick socks to keep my feet warm and use a memory foam neck pillow… the best!

4. Scout the back of the plane for empty rows. This is one of my top air travel tips for long flights. I do this on every flight over 3 hours. I sleep much better when I am laying down, so that along with the comforts of home listed above works wonders in my travel book!

What to do on an airplane

5. In-flight entertainment. Games, music, movies, magazines, books, coloring, and activities for kids. The list can go on and on, but you should bring stuff you enjoy. I always bring my iPad and have a special snack and activity bag for the kids whenever they travel with me. Sometimes, the in-flight video is a good one, so bring a pair of headphones to avoid having to purchase them on board.

Some airplanes have charging outlets, but still… Don’t forget to pack a portable charger! There’s nothing worse than having your electronics die on you when you need them.

6. Bring along plenty of snacks. A requirement around here. Fresh blueberries, Pepperidge Farms goldfish, string cheese, and dark chocolate. I’m happy, the kids are happy, the hubs is happy, we’re all HAPPY!

7. Stretch it out. Stand up and stretch, take a walk down the aisle, even visit the restroom. Get your body moving so you won’t feel discomfort from being in the same sedentary position for hours. This is another one of my favorite air travel tips for long flights, get up, and keep that body moving!

8. Strike up a conversation. Not really my cup of tea, but some people love to talk to their seatmates on the plane. Once you get to talking about something interesting, the time flies by and your preparing to land before you know it. Note: If you ever find yourself sitting next to me on the plane, we can talk up until I attempt to snuggle into the window of the plane, that’s your queue.

9. Get some work done. I know, I know. Work isn’t usually fun, but you’ve got hours of peace and quiet, so why not take advantage and finish that proposal? Or grab wi-fi on the plane and clean up that email account? Need to grade a bunch of papers? Whatever you can bring on a plane or do on a computer, try to get it done – one less thing to worry about when you land!

You can learn how to survive long flights in economy class!

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