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Celebrating #WomenWhoDo: A Look At Vanity Fair Lingerie Style, Coverage & Comfort


I am working as a compensated ambassador for Vanity Fair Lingerie on behalf of Influence Central to celebrate everyday #WomenWhoDo! I got to visit the show room in New York, learn all about the brand, and got a few bra and panty samples to try out.


New York City view from the top of the Refinery Hotel Rooftop Bar


Do you consider yourself a busy woman? I sure do. As women of the 21st century, we’re constantly wearing many hats, and juggling different obligations and activities. Whether you’re a career woman, a traveler, a business owner, or even a stay at home mom who takes care of it all, it’s important that we stay on top of things as we go.


Vanity Fair #WomenWhoDo Blogger Ambassador Summit, July 2015, New York City


I recently took a trip to New York with Vanity Fair Lingerie for the #WomenWhoDo blogger summit, it’s whole purpose is to celebrate women, like you and I, in all that we do and support us along the way. I got the chance to meet some of the designers and decision makers behind the brand, and I also learned a lot about different bras, styles and fits, and how they are made to fit the everyday lives of women, everywhere.  We stayed at the awesome boutique-style Refinery Hotel in the city, and enjoyed a bunch of great moments with the Vanity Fair group!



Bras and panties display at Vanity Fair Showroom, New York



Display of Vanity Fair Beauty Back Full Coverage Bras


At the Vanity Fair showroom, we got a preview of a bunch of different bras and panties. Vanity Fair offers beautiful, functional and feminine lingerie in trendy colors and styles, must-haves in my lingerie drawer! First let me say that I am on the smaller chested side, but I do fit the smaller Vanity Fair sizes and some products from their sister line, Lily of France. There’s really something for every woman in the collection.


Vanity Fair Beauty Back Bra, love the feminine lace details


One of Vanity Fair’s best sellers is the Beauty Back full coverage bra. YOU NEED THIS BRA. It is available in a 34-38B 34-42C/D 34-38DD-, supports the breasts completely in front and has larger back panels in the back to give a smoothing effect. Face it, nobody wants to be bulging out of their bra, and the Beauty Back is designed to fit us all the way around, invisibly. When we feel comfortable and look great in our clothing, everything else seems to fall into place! I love the lace detail on the one pictured above!


Vanity Fair Lingerie display in Macy's


I also got my own custom professional bra fitting from the Vanity Fair team at Macy’s Herald Square. Let me tell you, they know what they’re doing! 8 out of 10 women wear the wrong bra size, which affects the fit on your body, the look through your clothes and your confidence! My bra size was correct, but many of the ladies in our group we’re off.


Vanity Fair #WomenWhoDo Ambassadors in New York


I appreciate the passion behind the Vanity Fair team, they are quite innovative when it comes to womens’ needs and really enjoy what they do. There’s nothing like feeling your best, comfortably and looking your best for the day, whatever comes your way!



Vanity Fair will donate 50,000 bras to Dress for Success in 2015


Vanity Fair is partnering with Dress for Success, a nonprofit that helps low-income women in need of clothing, shoes and attire for interviewing and job placement. They have a goal of donating 50,000 bras to the program this year, there will be different free bra fitting events nationwide and a bra will be donated for every woman who gets fit.


Motivational Quotes on display at the Fruit of The Loom showroom, Vanity Fair Summit


It was really a pleasure to attend the #WomenWhoDo blogger summit, meeting new people, learning new things and creating great experiences was amazing. Vanity Fair is a familiar brand that I trust, I have known it to be one of the top lingerie brands for as long as I can remember. Their stylish bras, panties, and other pieces are really made for function and fit, with us in mind.


I’m excited to see what’s to come, I will share more with you about Vanity Fair and the #WomenWhoDo campaign in the coming months. I agree with Brand Management Vice President Joanna Beddingfield, celebrating women is very telling of who Vanity Fair is, and where they’re going! This is a quote from my site, I love that Vanity Fair agrees:


Great example of Failure and Success quote as a parent to your kids



Comfort, Coverage & Confidence: We Are #WomenWhoDo!


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