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40 Daily Self Care Ideas For Women – This Self Care Activities List Is Fabulous!

Sometimes we need a little bit of time for ourselves, so these daily self care ideas for women are definitely needed! Keep up with yourself and your personal time with this self-care activities list, these ideas are wonderful!

40 Daily Self Care list for women to add to your list

Self-care tips to try

Women are taking on so many more things these days, which is great, but leaves us with little time for ourselves. It is so important to practice daily self care, yet we’re always busy, pressed for time, tending to the needs of others, or find some other reason why we just CAN’T. We should all make it a point to carve out 15-30 minutes each day to do something for ourselves to keep a healthy life balance! If you’re a woman who wears many hats – mom, wife, career, friend, sister, and more – this self care activities list is for YOU.

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If you’re overly busy, feeling depressed, stressed, and need a little bit more ME time, these self care tips are perfect! Small changes can make a big difference, so I started to implement a few daily self-care ideas into my routine. I personally try to do something for myself each day, carving out 15-30 minutes in the morning, mid-day, or before bedtime, and it has so far been wonderful! I have been able to keep my stress levels down while feeling more relaxed with less of a feeling of being overloaded. I feel good about myself and confident that I am prepared for life’s tasks.

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40 Daily Self Care Ideas For Women – My Favorite Things To Do Self Care Activities List

Read our self care activities list below and see which ideas you might be interested in, and try to carve out a little bit of time each day to do one thing. Some are free, some cost a little money, but they all help to give you some of your personal time back!

1. Go for a walk, breathe in the fresh air, feel the sun on your skin

2. Read a chapter or two of your favorite book

3. Take a bubble or essential oil bath (lavender essential oil and epsom salt baths are my favorite)

4. Eat dessert (admittedly one of my favorite daily self care ideas!)

5. Call a friend

6. Get a manicure or pedicure

7. Play your favorite song

8. Write a letter, or in a journal

9. Have a warm cup of tea

10. Go for a run

11. Take a mid-day nap (this is really my favorite of the self care ideas, y’all)

12. Get a massage

13. Color or draw

14. Try yoga or meditation

15. Declutter, organize, and clean your house

16. Watch your favorite Netflix series

17. Make a list of your positive qualities

18. Have sex (with someone, or alone, your choice)

19. Turn off your phone

20. Take the day off of work

21. Peruse and shop at a farmer’s market

22. Paint your nails

23. Light some candles

24. Sit and think (This could be on a porch, by the ocean, in a steam room)

25. Stretch

26. Treat yourself to a fancy dinner

27. Visit a museum

28. Buy flowers for your home

29. Have a glass of wine

30. Start something you’ve been putting off, but can’t stop thinking about

31. Meet for coffee with a friend

32. Take a scenic drive

33. Go on a nature hike

34. Laugh

35. Plan your day ahead

36. Feed your body only the healthiest foods

37. Daydream

38. Get your hair washed at a salon (this feels like heaven!)

39. Buy yourself a little gift

40. Get to bed early for a restful nights sleep

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Self care ideas for women – what’s on your list?

These are my personal favorite daily self-care ideas, I hope you’ve found some that you’ll enjoy! You owe it to yourself, to be your best self, and that means relaxation, treating yourself, and taking good care of YOU. Feel free to share this self care activities list with someone who may need it.

40 Daily Self Care Ideas For Women - This Self Care Activities List Is Fabulous

What self care tips do you have?


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