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Disney’s Descendants 2 Cast Shares Exciting Information About the Movie – Airs July 21st!

Here comes the new Descendants movie, and we couldn’t be more excited! We interviewed the Disney’s Descendants 2 cast, see what they think about their characters in the new film coming to Disney Channel July 21, 2017!

Interview with the cast of Disney's Descendants 2 movie, China Ann McClain, Boo Boo Stewart, Dove Cameron, Cameron Boyce, Sofia Carson

As you may well know, I have been sharing my trip to Los Angeles with Disney for the Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 Premiere and press event. I hope you’ve been following along! While we were there, the Disney Channel was also having it’s own press day – with the Disney’s Descendants 2 cast! The sequel to the popular first movie comes out the summer (here’s the Descendants 2 movie release date info we shared), and we got to screen a few scenes from the movie. The songs and dance numbers are so well done, they will blow you away! We also interviewed some of the main cast members and learn all about it!

Disney Descendants 2 movie premieres July 21, 2017 on the Disney Channel

We heard from the fabulous 5 members of the Disney’s Descendants 2 cast – Dove Cameron (“Mal”), Cameron Boyce (“Carlos”), Sofia Carson (“Evie”), China Anne McClain (“Uma”), Booboo Stewart (“Jay”) – they shared some amazing insight and what to expect from their characters in the new Descendants movie!

Exclusive Info from Disney’s Descendants 2 Cast about the movie

Dove Cameron plays MAL in Disney's Descendants 2

Dove Cameron plays MAL, says she’s figuring out who she is

So if you remember, Mal ends up staying in Auradon with her prince charming , away from her evil mother who’s banished to the Isle of the Lost. As a villains daughter, she is having to figure out how to adjust to her new life off of the island as someone who chooses good. “Now she has to start over and find what is authentically her for the first time in her life.” As an actress, Cameron says that it’s weird “to feel like I know a character very well, and then to lose her, as she’s losing herself, and then to find her just as she does.” She goes through a lot to find out who Mal is and doesn’t really find out until the end!

Cameron Boyce plays CARLOS in Disney's Descendants 2 movie

Cameron Boyce plays Carlos, and he brings something to the table

Cameron Boyce is a super nice guy, he shared his love for his cast members as “family”and the fun times he had on the set with the them and the crew! Boyce plays Carlos for the second time and he feels that he brings a little more to his role in the movie. “For Carlos specifically, in the first movie he was like the younger brother, a little bit of the comic relief. He was just the guy who was not really helpful to the group and they were sort of dragging Carlos along. In the second movie he finds out how he can bring something to the table for the team, and it’s different than everybody else. Obviously Jay’s the muscle and Mal is the brains, and Carlos figures out that he’s a sensitive guy. He realizes that he can use that sensitivity to bring the whole group together and it’s pretty cool.

Sofia Carson plays EVIE in Disney-s Descendants 2 movie

Sofia Carson plays Evie, and you’ll see a new side to her character

So you should know that Sofia Carson is adorable, and says that you’ll see a different side of Evie in the second movie. In the first film, Evie realizes that her reflection in the mirror “doesn’t define us, that doesn’t make us important or beautiful, or more special. It’s who we are in our hearts.” Evie has grown into herself, she’s strong, independent, and a smart fashion designer, and has made her dream come true without a prince! Carson fell in love with performing as a child and feels so lucky to be able to do it every single day.

Boo Boo Stewart plays Jay in Disney's Descendants 2 movie

BooBoo Stewart plays Jay, his character has matured

For BooBoo Stewart, the dance rehearsals and the filming of this movie was quite a bit more physically demanding. In the first movie, Stewart says that he didn’t know what to expect and came into Descendants 2 with a better idea of what it would be like. Although he knew, he says that it was even more physical! “The preparation was nice, you know your characters going into it. There’s a little bit of a change beca0use they’ve matured from movie to movie.” Stewart also says that the “Ways to be Wicked” number in the movie was one of the most difficult to learn and practice, but it’s the BEST.

China Ann McClain plays UMA in Disney's Descendants 2

China Anne McClain plays Uma, the vengeful daughter of Ursula

Ok so China Anne might be my favorite new Disney’s Descendants 2 cast member! One thing that China Anne loves about playing her character Uma, the daughter of Ursula? “She has so much attitude!” Uma steps onto the scene in a big way, she has some issues with with Descendants that she wants to iron out! To prepare for the role, McClain watched The Little Mermaid a bunch of times to learn Ursula’s mannerisms and how she spoke, it helped her a lot on set. When asked how it feels to play a villain, McClain says “It’s FUN! We all have those feelings inside that we just want to unleash on people sometimes, and that’s the definition of Uma’s character.

Disney's Descendants 2 movie press day, March 2017 in Los Angeles, CA

Don’t miss Disney’s Descendants 2 July 21st on the Disney Channel!

Look, I have seen some clips and some of the dance numbers in this movie and it is going to be amazing! The amount of time that the Disney’s Descendants 2 cast has spent on the movie, their love for each other, and dedication to the story makes all the difference. Disney’s Descendants 2 will be broadcasted on the Disney Channel on Friday, July 21, 2017 at 8pm EST, don’t miss it!

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I attended a press trip courtesy of Disney. Travel, lodging and other logistics are provided, opinions are those of Honey + Lime.

Disney's Descendants 2 Cast Shares Exciting Information About the Movie! Watch on Friday, July 21 on the Disney Channel

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