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Disney’s Queen of Katwe Movie – A Unique Story of Triumph through Adversity

I so much love Disney’s Queen of Katwe movie, it is a unique family film that explores the hardships faced by a young girl while living in a slum in Uganda, and the quest for success along the way. This is a must-see film, take the whole family when it comes out September 30th!


I know you’ve seen me sharing info about my trip to LA with Disney, and this was the main event! Disney’s Queen of Katwe is such a wonderful film. From attending the Disney’s Queen of Katwe movie premiere, walking the red carpet, and interviewing the Director Mira Nair and cast members of the film, it’s all still so surreal.

Disney's Queen of Katwe movie

Should I go see Disney’s Queen of Katwe movie?

A beautiful, uniquely diverse, and inspiring film set in Katwe, Kampala, Uganda, Disney’s Queen of Katwe tells the story of the life of Phiona (Madina Nalwanga), a young female chess prodigy and her quest to become a Grandmaster, this highest title that a chess player can attain. Amidst this, her family faces eviction, flooding, medical emergency, and other hardships that would be a major set back. With the help and encouragement of family, friends, and community members, Phiona is able to master the game and travel the world to compete. Her dream? To make enough money to buy her mother (Lupita Nyong’o)¬†a house.

What I really love about this movie is that is gives a real outlook on facing hardship, yet it keeps the good ol’ Disney feel. It’s not often that we see positive representation of African people in dire situations. Most focus on the negative aspects of being poor – drugs, violence, homelessness, and the like. It is so refreshing to see an uplifting story with an all black cast that we can actually understand, empathize with, and somewhat relate to. The message – no matter what adversity we face in our lives, we must just keep going and continue to dream.


This is a wonderful film, I cannot wait to take the kids so they can see how really good they have it here where we live. I want them to understand that no matter what type of curve ball life throws at you, there is always a way to overcome adversity. I also love that they can see beautiful and positive images of black actors on screen, we don’t get this too often. Oh, and now, I a determined to learn how to play chess!

Disney’s Queen of Katwe movie is in theaters September 30th!

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I am attending a press trip courtesy of Disney. Travel, lodging and other logistics are provided, opinions are those of Honey + Lime.

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