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10 Must-Have Disney’s Zootopia Toys and Merchandise Items You’ll Love!

When I went to Walt Disney World for the Zootopia movie event, I have an amazing time interviewing the cast, screening the movie and playing around at the theme parks. Lucky for us, we got a hold of some of Disney’s Zootopia toys and merchandise items and they are so fun!

Disney's Zootopia toys and merchandise, they have so many cute things - My kids LOVE that recorder pen

Zootopia is such a cute animated movie,  and they’ve got a whole bunch of fun products to continue the fun and imaginative play at home. From toy figurines to books to plush toys, Disney really thought of almost everything, and it’s all available now! Kids everywhere are going to love the movie, and the toys and merchandise as well!

We took home a bunch of Disney Zootopia movie merch, but  I just had to share my kids’ favorites…

10 must-have Disney’s Zootopia toys and merchandise items that my kids LOVE

Zootopia carrot recorder pen

1. Judy Hopps’ Carrot Recorder Pen – This one is my kids absolute favorite Disney’s Zootopia toys, hands down! It has 3 uses: It comes with pre-recorded messages from Judy Hopps, it allows you to record and play back your own messages, and it writes as a pen! They will not put it down, my only advice it to buy more than one, especially if you have multiple children. So fun!

2. Zootopia Disney Infinity pieces – Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde are both available characters for Disney Infinity 3.0! Such a fun addition to all of the existing characters, I can’t wait to see them in the game! There are also Disney’s Infinity Power Disc Game Pieces available.

3. Zootopia Walkie Talkie Role Play Set – Be an officer along with Judy Hopps and fight crime with your very own badge and walkie talkie set!

Zootopia Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps plush stuffed animalsZootopia Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps plush stuffed animals

4. Zootopia Plush Toys – We got Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps in our gift bags, perfect for both of my kiddos! They are super cute, any Zootopia fan would love them. Choose from Nick and Judy, and also Mayor Lionheart, Flash the Sloth, Clawhauser, Mr. Big, Assistant Mayor Bellwether, and more!

5. Zootopia Deluxe Figure Play Set – 10 of your favorite Zootopia character figurines come in this fun set, imaging all of the fun stories and play that can come out of this!

Zootopia books and stickers

6. Zootopia Children’s Books and Stickers – There are a few different kinds of books for different reading levels. My 5 year old likes this Disney’s Zootopia Big Golden Book and the Zootopia read along story book. My 9 year old likes reading Judy Hopps and the Missing Jumbo Pop, and this Zootopia Junior Novelization book.

7. Zootopia Art Kit – Bring out the creative side of your little ones with this fun art set! Includes 12 paint colors, brushes, magnets, glitter glues, markers, a note pad, and a sponge – all in a cute carrying case.

Zootopia POP Figurines Judy Hopps Nick Wilde

8. Zootopia Funko POP! Vinyl Figures – These are super cute! You can get Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde, Flash the Sloth and Mr. Big, or grab the whole Zootopia POP! Vinyl collectors set!

9. Zootopia Tsum Tsum Mini Plush Collection – We didn’t get this one, but my kids would flip to be able to have all of the characters in the movie in mini plush form!

10. Disney’s Zootopia Soundtrack Audio CD – As soon as you see the movie, you’ll be singing Shakira’s “Try Everything” non stop. You might as well have the sound track in your car! But no seriously, it is a really good album, featuring score by Oscar-winning composer Michael Giacchino.

Disney's ZOOTOPIA in theaters March 4, 2016

There are so many more great merchandise products that I can’t list them all! Visit the Disney Store near you, or online at DisneyStore.com to see what else they carry. There are t-shirts, mugs, note pads, different character figurines and more. Disney’s Zootopia is out in theaters March 4th, don’t miss it!

Follow along with Disney’s Zootopia, In theaters March 4!

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  • I loved this movie! I love animals and foxes and cute little bunnies! I got it on blu ray, but I want more merchandise! I want the funkos, good thing Christmas is coming! hahaha, oh and by the way, have a merry Christmas and a happy new year, guys and gals! awesome site!

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