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DIY New Year’s Eve Party Poppers – Made Out of Toilet Paper Rolls!

We had so much fun with these DIY new year’s eve party poppers! Who’s ready to celebrate the new year?!

DIY New Year's Eve Party Poppers - Made Out of Toilet Paper Rolls - this diy confetti poppers craft is easy to make

Fun homemade confetti poppers!

It’s almost time to celebrate a new year, so we’re celebrating and going out with a BANG! Try making these DIY new years eve party poppers using toilet paper rolls, just a few steps and you’re ready to celebrate!

How to make toilet paper roll New Years Eve party poppers

Make this easy new years diy craft

We love to create and craft around here, so it’s no surprise that we wanted to try making party poppers for the countdown to the new year. We tend to make toilet paper roll crafts often, so we save the rolls here and there, just in case we come up with something! No need to buy party poppers for new years this year, we’ve found a way to make our own and they turned out great!

DIY New Years Eve Party Poppers

All you need are a few materials to make this new years eve craft, all of which you probably have at home. Here’s how to make DIY New Year’s Eve party poppers.

Materials needed for these New Years confetti poppers:

How to make toilet paper roll New Years eve party poppers, materials needed

Here’s how to make a confetti popper with toilet paper rolls

First, you’ll take your tissue paper and unfold it to open it up. Grab your toilet paper roll and, starting at one end of the tissue paper, roll it over a few times or until the whole thing is completely covered. Make sure there is tissue paper hanging off on each side of the toilet paper tube.

How to make toilet paper roll New Years eve party poppers, roll in tissue

Secure one end of your DIY paper popper and add confetti

Next, twist just one of the ends like a piece of candy and tie it with ribbon or tape to secure. Make sure it’s completely sealed!

How to make toilet paper roll new years eve party poppers, tie off one end with tape

On the other end of the toilet tissue roll that’s still open, add a couple of pieces of small candies and confetti. I used a small amount of confetti in each popper for much easier cleanup!

How to make toilet paper new years eve party poppers, fill with confetti and candy

Twist and tie off the other end, like you did the first one, making sure it is completely sealed. Now, you can trim the ends to your desired length and decorate the popper. That’s it!

Homemade new years eve poppers using toilet paper rolls

How to make party poppers actually “pop”

To “pop” your homemade paper poppers, pull each end of the paper on both sides of the popper at the same time really hard. Then… BAM! The confetti goes flying!

Note: The gold and white party popper pictured here was made out of wrapping paper. You’ve gotta pull this one a little bit harder to pop, but it still works! The DIY new years eve party poppers made out of tissue paper are much better for kids as they are easier to “pop”.

How to make toilet paper roll New Years Eve party poppers


gold and silver party poppersDon’t have the time to make these fun new years eve party poppers? We love to make these ourselves, but totally understand that people are busy during the holidays. Buy shimmering gold or silver party poppers for your new years party here! These are premade and filled with lots of fun trinkets, no work needed!

Enjoy our New Year’s Eve confetti poppers and have a wonderful new year!

Learn how to make your own new years eve party poppers, these are so cute!

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DIY New Years Eve Toilet Paper Roll Party Poppers

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