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We Love These Free Disney’s Zootopia Printable Bookmarks!

Where are my Zootopia fans at?! If your kids loved the movie, encourage them to enjoy reading everyday with these Zootopia printable bookmarks!

Free Disney's Zootopia printable bookmarks - these are so cute!

I’ve got some huge Disney’s Zootopia fans in my house, so it’s no surprise that we have all of the fun Zootopia merchandise! We’ve got a few Zootopia books that my daughter loves to read, and I am encouraging her to read more and more books with me each day. I decided that I would make her some Zootopia bookmarks, how cute are these?!

Disney's Zootopia bookmarks

Whether you’re reading one of Disney’s Zootopia movie books, or any other story, Judy Hopps, Chief Bogo, Nick Wilde and more of our Zootopia friends can mark your pages for you! Print out these Zootopia printable bookmarks for free, all you need are a few supplies to get started.

Disney’s Zootopia Printable Bookmarks – Print Them Free!


How to make Disney's Zootopia printable bookmarks

First, print out the attached Zootopia bookmarks PDF file on your white card stock. The PDF has 2 pages with 3 bookmarks on each page – 6 bookmarks total.

If you have a laminator – Laminate all pages and carefully cut out bookmarks.

If you have packing tape – Cut out each bookmark first, then place a strip of packing tape on both sides of each bookmark and trim the edges. I call this bootleg lamination!

You could also cut out the bookmarks and leave them as is, but they may wear out and tear easier without a protective covering.

Disney's Zootopia printable bookmarks

These Disney’s Zootopia printable bookmarks are a great way to help get your little ones interested in reading. When they can mark their pages with Judy Hopps, Flash the Sloth and Mayor Bellwether, they’ll enjoy picking out books to read along with their favorite Zootopia characters.

Hope you enjoy these bookmarks!

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