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Happy Life After Divorce: Here’s How To Live Positively and Love Your Life

Going through a divorce is a life changing event, especially when you’ve never imagined yourself on your own. It can be hard to be positive and navigate your new, happy life after divorce all alone, but you CAN do it. Here’s a little hope.

Living a Happy Life After Divorce- Here's How To Live Positively and Love Your Life

I know the feeling. You’re divorcing the person who was supposed to be your forever, and it is devastating. I went through the same thing, divorce was the absolute last thing I wanted, and I felt like a failure. Listen, I can tell you that every bit of pain, stress, tension, and embarrassment is NORMAL. If you’re considering divorce, or have just embarked on your new, hopefully happy life after divorce, just know that it isn’t the end of the world. 

It gets better.

Trust me. I’ve been there. It’s been a few years and I can honestly say that it does get better. SO MUCH BETTER. I understand, it’s hard to see that from deep in the throws of your divorce where you are now. But think of it this way – a life changing event can bring both good and bad changes, and the bad ones can be overcome like any other type of adversary you’d face. You know, when you think you just CAN’T, or when others don’t believe in you, don’t you just – DO IT? Yes, you do.

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Here’s how I navigated the road to a happy life after divorce

  • Go ahead and cry on a friends shoulder – Crying is ok, so let it all out. Once you do, you’ll feel better, and it is usually easier to be able to move forward. Also, you’ll gain reassurance from someone close to you, which shows that you still have supportive people in your life.
  • Work hard, stay positive, and push through – No matter what, you’ve got to work hard at what you do, and keep a positive attitude at all times, especially if you have kids. Make the transition smooth for all of you, and keep pushing. You’ll settle into your new normal a lot easier that way.
  • Keep busy with friends, family, and the things you love – A good way I found happiness was to surround myself with the things and people I loved most, and to keep busy. I love to travel, socialize, work out, and try new local restaurants, and I made sure to keep at it. That way, I wasn’t thinking about the divorce, being alone, and the stress subsides when you’re having fun.

Happy Life After Divorce: Here's How To Overcome The Pain and Loneliness

Live positively each day, and create the life you wish to live.

Your divorce is not the end of the world, your life is waiting. Go through the grieving process, obtain closure if necessary, and build the life you want by finding the things you love. Hang in there, the road may look long, but happiness is at the end of it!

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  • Thanks for spreading positive vibes and great advice for those who are going through such a tough transition. It’s always wonderful to find sound advice from someone who experienced the situation and overcame it.

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