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Hiking Parc Du Mont Royal – Sweeping Views of Montreal From The Top!

We went hiking Parc du Mont Royal for some sweeping views of the city of downtown Montreal. What a work out, and an amazing way to see the whole city!

Hiking Parc Du Mont Royal - Sweeping Views of Montreal From The Top!

Montreal in Quebec, Canada is one of the top favorite cities I have ever visited. Their diverse culture, art, food, music, and architecture are all so amazing! My sister and I traveled there last fall, we met some amazing people during our visit, learned a few phrases in French (don’t ask me what, I completely forgot), and really took in the sights and sounds of the city as we explored by bike and on foot. You can check out some of my Montreal street art photos here. One of the most gigantically majestic landmarks in this city is Mont Royal, and it is nothing short of spectacular. Our Mont Royal hike…

Hiking Parc du Mont Royal, the view of Downtown Montreal from the Mont Royal lookout point at the top of the mountain

Parc du Mont Royal is one of the most popular parks in the city, spreading over the vast mountain. Mont Royal has tons of activities to partake in, there is a lake, snow activities in the winter, and lots of hiking and walking trails. The spring is near, so if you love hiking, I think it will be a great time to get your hike on in Montreal to the top of Parc du Mont-Royal!

Hiking Parc Du Mont Royal – Sweeping Views of Montreal!

As we headed over to the base of the mountain, we were lead through a series of gorgeous, detailed European style buildings, castle-looking, similar to the architecture in the city of Arindale in the movie Frozen. How amazing is it to go to such a gorgeous university?!

Hiking Parc du Mont Royal in Montreal, Quebec, McGill University

After snapping a few photos, we cut through the school and found our way out to Avenue des Pins. One of the most popular trails begins here at Peel Street, where there is a set of wooden stairs that go straight up to the awesome lookout point. If you do choose to do the Mont Royal hike on this route, be aware that it is very strenuous! The stairs are not for the faint of heart, so please exercise caution with your decision to take this way up.

Hiking Parc du Mont Royal, Entree Rue Peel Street entrance to the stairs

Hiking Parc du Mont-Royal, the stairs at Peel Street

We hiked up, up, up, the Mont royal staircase, and it just when it seems like it’s never going to end, we take a break. Because it’s hard going up hundreds of steps, and some of us needed to catch our breath! Below is the view from the middle of the stairs trail. It’s quite beautiful between the trees, but nothing in comparison to what we saw at the top.

Hiking Parc du Mont-Royal, view from about halfway up the stairs

We made it to the lookout at the top of Parc du Mont Royal!

Behold – we finally made it to the top! We stopped only once in the middle and this Mont Royal hike took us about 40 minutes from the bottom of the stairs to the top of the mountain. The first thing to see at the top is the Chalet du Mont Royal, a large villa that is used as a venue and houses some scenes of Montreal’s great history. Then, I noticed that there were cars driving up the road – wait, WHAT? Yes, you can drive up to the summit! Ahh well, the hiking Parc du Mont Royal sweat was worth it, cardio for the day 😉

Hiking Parc du Mont Royal, Chalet Mont Royal building at the top of the mountain summit

Directly in front of the building is where it’s at – the Mont Royal lookout. The very thing we hiked all the way up here for, and it did not disappoint! You can see such vast views of basically the entire city. The tall buildings in the Downtown Montreal are, the St. Lawrence River, all of it. It was an overcast day, but the view was still fabulous!

Hiking Parc du Mont Royal, the view of Downtown Montreal from the lookout point at the top of the mountain

Here’s a panoramic shot, I still can’t believe how gorgeous this view is!

Hiking Parc du Mont Royal panoramic view at the lookout at the top in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Remember when I told y’all that the locals were friendly? Here they are…

Hiking Parc du Mont Royal in Montreal with friends

Make your way to the top by taking Montreal’s Parc du Mont Royal hike!

The next time you’re in Montreal, you’ve got to try this! We really enjoyed this Mont Royal staircase hike, it was strenuous and tough, just what we needed. And the reward for hiking Parc du Mont Royal stairs? A spectacular view of the city of Montreal that can’t be beat!

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  • In hiking despite the fact that It is strenuous and tough, the most important thing is you enjoy it. It will may test your endurance but It will reward you a beautiful views and scenery.

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