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DIY Housewarming Gift Ideas: They’ll Love This DIY Home Essentials Gift Basket!

Do you have any friends or family members who are settling into a new home this summer? If you need DIY housewarming gift ideas, they will love this DIY home essentials gift basket! This post was sponsored by Glade®.

DIY Housewarming Gift Ideas_ Theyll Love This DIY Home Essentials Gift Basket

DIY Housewarming Gift Ideas: They’ll Love This DIY Home Essentials Gift Basket!

Welcoming someone into their new home means offering a gesture of comfort, warmth and a salutation that leaves them with the #bestfeelings. One of my favorite housewarming gifts to make is this DIY housewarming essentials gift basket. It is filled with everything a new homeowner needs when situating into a new space, including, paper towels, toilet paper, cleaner, sponges and some of the best smelling home fragrances from Glade® to help enliven each room in your home.

What to put in a housewaming gift basket

Putting together this DIY housewarming gift basket was easy! I used the fruity and calming fragrances of the Glade® Lavender & Peach Blossom candle as inspiration for a homemade desert as well as a basket full of everything from “must-have” cleaning and pest control products to home storage items! If you would like to make your own summer housewarming gift basket, here’s what you’ll need:

DIY Housewarming Gift Basket

DIY Housewarming Gift Basket using Glade® Fragrance Products

Here’s how to put your housewarming gift basket together:

Crinkle up tissue paper and place it into the bottom of the basket. Next, take your assortment of products and arrange them from tallest to shortest in the basket. For example, taller items such as paper towels and cleaners would go in the back of the basket, while the remaining contents, like candles, would be placed in the front. If you’d like to give a particular item more height, or fill up empty space, simply place another wad of gift tissue where applicable.

Once all of your items are arranged, measure the clear cellophane wrapper around the basket, making sure each side of the basket is covered and secure with tape on the bottom of the basket. Finally, tie the wired ribbon around the girth of the basket, making a neat DIY housewarming gift basket is nearly complete!

Cinnamon Peach Coffee Cake

Need more DIY housewarming gift ideas? To make my new neighbors welcoming even sweeter, I decided to put together a crumble topped peach and cinnamon coffee cake. Inspired by the sweet notes of peach from the Glade® Lavender & Peach Blossom fragrance, this peach flavored treat will definitely help bring the warmth of summer full circle in their new home! For more information about Glade® products, you can visit them online, and follow along with their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Housewarming gift ideas, DIY essentials gift basket with Glade® Fragrances

I have partnered with Glade® to share the ways I am refreshing my home for the summer season. Although compensated, all opinions are my own. Thanks for the DIY housewarming gift ideas!


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